BlendTec Q SeriesIf you have a restaurant, hotel or other catering company, then you need more than just a regular blender. After all, you’re using your blender virtually all day. And you expect only the best high quality smoothies and blends from it. That’s why you need a serious blender. And hat is exactly what you can expect from the BlendTec Q Series.


In this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about the BlendTec Q Series. We’ll discuss what you can do with it. 2 Types of people who can use the blender. And we’ll also talk about the 5 largest benefits that this blender has to offer you.

About BlendTec

BlendTec is an American company that is known for its high-tech blenders. They are focused on innovation and want their products to be as helpful and efficient in the kitchen as they can be. The company was founded in 1976 with their revolutionary kitchen mill. It was a product that created a revolution in kitchens all around the world.

In the last 40 years, BlendTec has created many more blenders. Each more innovative and useful than the other one. They have many different models of blenders – each for a specific audience.

Blendtec Q Series specifications

The most popular blender from the BlendTec Q Series is the Blendtec smoother Q-series commercial blender. Here are all its specifications:

  • Material – the blender is made from BPA-free plastic.
  • Height – the blender is 22.5 inches high. But if you place it in a counter it will only be 14.5 inches.
  • Included jars – included with the blender are 2 three quart blending jars
  • Warranty – when you order the blender, you will receive 3 years warranty.
  • Made in the USA – all BlendTec’s blenders are made and produced in the USA.

Note: for more specifications (dimensions, price etc.), please go to this page for more information.

blendtec q series review
This is how the BlendTec Q Series blender looks like up close.

Two types of people who will love to use the BlendTec Q Series

  • Business owners who need a strong and reliable blender – if you own a restaurant or a hotel, then you need an effective blender. It also needs to be reliable, as you will be using it much more than regular non-commercial blenders. The BlendTec Q Series is the perfect blender for businesses.
  • Restaurant owners who want to put the blender in their counter (but also be able to take it out) – if you want to be able to put your blender in your kitchen counter, but also to take it with you (for catering for example), then the BlendTec Q Series is exactly what you need. You can easily install it in your counter, but it’s also easy to take it out and take it with you.

5 benefits of the BlendTec Q Series

#1 Perfect for commercial use

This is the main reason why you should get this blender. It’s a great all in one solution for businesses who work with food. And need a good blender. It has a large capacity and it is strong enough to cut all your ingredients (even whole foods) into extremely small pieces.

#2 BPA-free blender

BPA is a substance that mimics the function of estrogen in the body. Many plastic containers, unfortunately contain BPA. And when you (or your guests) drink from a blender that still uses BPA in their plastic, this is bad for your health. Maybe you’ve already had customers ask you whether your old blender was BPA-free. And if it’s not, you can lose customers that way.

the BlendTec Q Series blender is completely free from BPA. This means that is poses no hazards to the health of your guests. And you can safely use it to make delicious smoothies and other blends!

#3 Very quiet blender

The blender was designed in such a way that it is much less noisy than other blenders. This is great if you have the blender installed in your bar. And you of course don’t want your blender to make so much noise that it annoys your guests. The BlendTec Q Series is 10 decibel lower than other commercial blenders. This means that the sound it produces is more than 3 times as low!

Don’t let your blender ruin the nice atmosphere of your restaurant and save the ears of your personnel!

#4 30 pre-programmed blending programs

The blender has 30 pre-programmed blending modes. This means that your personnel can simply put the ingredients in the blender. Pick the right program and the blender will make sure that the smoothie will be made perfectly.

You can read in the manual exactly what each program does and show your staff which ones to use for which type of drinks.

#5 Place it in counter, on counter or both

We’ve discussed it before, but the blender can be placed in your bar (or kitchen counter). This can save up 8 inches. So your staff can more easily communicate with each other – or with your customers. But what if you need the blender for catering? No problem. You can simply take it out and take it with you wherever you need to go without any problems whatsoever!

BlendTec Q Series reviews

“Great blender for my restaurant. It’s a lot quieter than previous blender. My staff also loves the blend programs. It saves them time and the smoothies come out better too!”

– Rick


“Before I was using a regular blender in the mornings at the breakfast. I own a hotel so I want to offer my guests nice drinks in the morning. I really like that it produces a lot less noise than other ones. What’s more: I even had a couple of guests ask me what type of blender we were using!”

– Maxwell

Where to get the BlendTec Q Series?

If you too want to get the BlendTec Q Series for your restaurant, hotel or business…

… then click here to order it on Amazon & start making delicious smoothies for your guests!

buy blendtec q series


P.S. the BlendTec Q Series is a great blender for restaurants and other caterers. It makes a lot less noise than regular blenders and has a large volume. Click here to see what else you’ll get when you order the BlendTec Q Series!

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