breville blender smoothieFinding the right blender for your tastes can be quite complicated. Not only are there thousands of different blender available – most of them also offer the same specifications. They are all suitable for making nice smoothies and creating new recipes. To help you get a clittle more clarity we’re doing Breville blender reviews today. So you can check out all the specifics of this blender and make an educated decision if the blender is right for you.

Breville Blender Reviews

We’ll start of by discussing the features of the blender. After that I’ll give you an overview of the 2 types of people most likely to enjoy using this blender. After that we’ll discuss the 5 biggest benefits that people experience with the blender. So, let’s het started wth these Breville blender reviews!

breville blender reviews
Here’s how the Breville blender looks like!

Breville Blender specificatioons

Having an overview of the specifications of a specific blende ris a good thing. It can help you make comparisons between different blender and help you make an informed decision. Here’s an overview of all the specifications that you need for the Breville blender.

  • Wattage – the motor contains 750 watt and is suitable for all sorts of blending.
  • Color – the blender is available in silver.
  • Dimensions – the blender is 7 by 8 by 17 inches and weighs 11 pounds.

For more informaiton about the specifications of this blender, please check out its Amazon page here!

2 Types of people who’ll love the Breville blender

  • People who want a quality blender that will blend all the food that is in there – most blenders leave a littlebit of food and ingredients at the bottom underneath the blades. This can be very bad if you don’t like larger pieces inside your smoothie. But the Breville blender was designed in sucha  way that you won’t experience this problem anymore. The blades are round and there is no space underneath where food can get trapped.
  • People who want a nice looking functional blender – on the side of the container you can see exactly how much liquid is in the blender. So if you’re following a recipe that needs X amount of coconut milk for instance, you can easily add exactly the right amount so your smoothie will taste precisely how it should be.

5 benefits of using the Breville blender

#1 Choose between different speeds

Most blender offer only 2 or 3 different speeds. And one of them is the reverse option. The Breville blender has 5 different speeds, so you can choose exactly how strong you want the blades to rotatre. The obvious benefit of this is that you can control precisely how the texture of your recipe will be. Do you prefer smooth mixtures? Then use a higher rotation speed. And if you like it a little more rough (with seeds for example), then you can use a lower rotation speed.

#2 BPA-free container

The container is made from BPA free tritan polyester. This means that it is completely safe to make smoothies in it. Some other blender still use plastics that contains the harmful BPA chemical – which gets absorped into the smoothie from the plastic. But you won’t experience this problem with the Breville blender.

#3 Blades draw the food down

As we discussed before, most other blender have a construction where some of the ingreidnts get stuck underneath the blades. This causes them to get stuck there and they won’t get cut. The design of the Breville blades is done in such a way that it actually draws the food down. And there is no space underneath. So in the end what you see is that all the ingreidnts will be evenly cut. And you smoothie or recipe will have the perfect consistency as you want it.

This is one of the major benefits of the blender and why many people choose it instead of different brands or model blenders. And I completely agree with them. The blade design is revolutionary and I hope that in the future many other blenders will also incorporate something like this. But for now the Breville blender does a perfect job of making you smoothie exactly the way that you want it!

#4 Large container

Do you like to make drinks for a larger group of people? Then you need a blender with a large container. The container is 48 oz (1.5 liter) and this is enough for 6 cups. It’s a great thing that you only have to make your smoothie once – even if you have multiple people who want it. The worst thing is having guests at home and having to make your smoothie several times because the container is too small.

But you won’t experience that problem with this blender. The container is large enough for several people and you can also make big smoothies for yourself (and your family).

#5  Easy to clean

Don’t you hate to clean your blender? It’s always a messy situation and you don’t wnat to cut your fingers on the blades. Which happens a lot with regular blender since they have space underneath them. But the Breville blades can easiily be taken out of the container – and then it’s very easy to completely clean the blender + container. It will save you a lot of time and energy!

Final verdict Breville blender reviews

It’s a great blender for people who want a nice looking blender for a good price. It’s not crazy expensive, but it’s also not one of those garbage blenders that dies after 5 uses. So you can safely buy the Breville blender if you’re looking for a quality blender that will last you a long time.

It’s main strengths are that it’s very easy to use. And that it’s easy to clean. The blade design also ensures that all your creations will be evenly cut. So you won’t find large piece of fruit in your smoothies. You can also add ice because the blades are of good quality and can easily hande it.

An overall great choice if you want to invest in a high quality blender that will serve you in the kitchen for many years to come!

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