costco vitamix blenderChances are, if you’ve found this page, that you were looking for Costco Vitamix. Vitamix is a world-renown blender brand that sells their blenders all over the world. And also in Costco. However, it may not be the best place to buy your Vitamix…

Why? Well for starters… Costco is only available in the U.S. and a select few other countries. From a lot of European countries it’s impossible to even access their site. And even if you could… you wouldn’t be able to buy anything.

Now, I’ll show you later what you can do if this is a problem that plagues you. but for now, we’ll quickly discuss the Costco Vitamix blender in the following paragraphs. And whether Costco is the best place to buy it

Costco Vitamix Blender

The Costco Vitamix blender is the same as everywhere else on the web. Costco is only a retailer that sells the Vitamix. Their prices are on par with the ones from other retailers. But there’s more. As I said in the opening paragraphs. Costco is only available in a couple of countries. So if you’ve tried to open the Costco site, and got a screen like this, then there is still hope.

vitamix blender costco
If you’re not in the U.S. you will get this screen if you try to access the Costco site.

So, if you want to buy a Vitamix blender, but Costco doesn’t work… what should be your next step? Continue reading for I’ll give you a couple of tips that you can immediately act on.

Where can you go if doesn’t work in your country?

If you experience problems with Costco, then I recommend you check out some alternatives to Costco Vitamix. The other most used Vitamix seller on the net is They also offer a couple of other benefits that you cannot find at Costco. I’ll explain you these later. For now, I want to give you a quick update about Vitamix.

If you already know exactly which Vitamix blender you want, feel free to skip the following paragraph.

Why Vitamix?

You probably know that Vitamix is one of the main blender producers in the world. Founded in 1921 in Ohio, Vitamix prides themselves on making blenders of high quality. It is unlikely that you buy a Vitamix blender and find that it breaks down within a couple of years.

And there’s more. There are other benefits that Vitamix has over other regular blenders. The price might be higher, yes. But as with anything in life: you get what you pay for! Here’s a short overview of some of the amazing things that you get when you choose for Vitamix:

  • Self cleaning blenders – Vitamix offers you self-cleaning blenders. All you have to do is put some hot water and dishwasher soap into the blender. Slowly turn up the rotation speed and watch as the blender cleans itself in less than a minute!
  • Razor-sharp blades – All the blenders are equipped with high quality razor-sharp blades. This allows you to cut even whole foods with great ease.
  • High customization – Most of the Vitamix blenders have many different speeds at which you can blend. Because of this, you’ll have great control over how your smoothies will look like! You can even make chunky salsa sauces or hot soups with it!
  • 7-10 year warranty –  Every blender from Vitamix has a 7-10 year warranty. This means that, in case something goes wrong with your blender, you can return it and you’ll get it back completely repaired.

So, now that you’re fully up-to-date why Vitamix is a great option if you’re looking for a high quality blender, let’s find out why Amazon is a better choice than Costco…

Benefits of Amazon over Costco:

There are many reasons why you should pick Amazon over Costco, but the first one is as follows. Amazon is available in more countries than Costco. And because of this it might be easier for you to get your Vitamix on Amazon. It really is a shame that Costco doesn’t allow people in all countries to buy their wares. But, as you’ll find out… it’s not the end all be all.

A reason why I prefer Amazon is because of the customer service. Amazon prides itself on delivering excellent customer service. And I’ve never had any problems with them. Or with their delivery. They usually deliver fast and if there’s anything you wish to clarify, you can always get in touch with their customer service.

Recommended Vitamix blender

If you’re reading this I can assume that you’re looking for a fine quality blender. Well, congratulations on that! Most people prefer to stick with the cheap blenders that you can find in each kitchen ware store.

Buying a Vitamix is literally an investment in your health. You’ll soon find that after you purchase your first Vitamix blender, that you’ll make more smoothies and juices. Simply because it’s so easy and tasty!

More smoothies and juices also means that you’ll be eating more fruits and vegetables! And the more fruits and vegetables you eat, the healthier and the better you will feel.

If you want to know more about which blender I’d recommend you if you’re a starter with Vitamix? Then you can read my Vitamix 5200 blender review. You can click the previous link to find out if the Vitamix 5200 is the right blender for you and your family!

P.S. is the Costco site not working in your country? Or do you want to get a Vitamix blender for a better price? Then check out Amazon’s collection of Vitamix blenders!

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