cuisinart bread maker cbk 100 vs 200Virtually everyone eats bread. But do you eat it the healthy way – or do you buy premade bread that large companies put full of chemicals that keep the expiration date away? Having a bread maker at home can do wonders for your health. Deciding which bread maker you want is a different story. That’s why today we’re discussing the Cuisinart Bread Maker CBK 100 vs 200.

Cuisinart bread maker CBK 100 vs 200

The main thing you’ll notice at first from both of these bread makers is that they are very similar. The model is sleek and looks good on any kitchen counter. So what are the differences? That decide which bread maker is better for you? Don’t worry – we’ll cover those in the following section.

cuisinart cbk 100 better
The Cuisinart CBK 200

But first I want you to know exactly what both the CBK 100 and 200 have in common. So you know that you’ve got those covered:

  • The option to make 1, 1.5 or 2 pound loves
  • 3 different crust settings so your bread will be exactly as you like to eat it
  • Gluten free setting if you do not eat gluten but like bread
  • Delay start timers so you wake up to a fresh bread in the morning
  • Bread warming feature that keeps the bread warm after it’s ready
  • Viewing window so you can see the bread rising
  • Non sticky pan that you can take out ofr easy cleaning
  • Measuring cup and spoon included
  • Recipe book so you can get started right away
  • 3 year limited warrant in case something might be wrong

As you can see both bread makers are good options if you want to buy a high quality bread maker. that does not explain the difference though. So if you’re struggling which bread maker is better for you… check out the differences here:

Here’s the differences between the CBK 100 vs 200:

The Cuisinart CBK 200 is the premium version. It has some extra features that the CBK 100 does not have. For example: the CBK 100 has only 12 preprogrammed functions. And the 200 has 16 (bolded).

  • Basic/White
  • Rapid white
  • French/Italian
  • Rapid French/Italian
  • Whole Wheat
  • Rapid Whole Wheat
  • Sweet Bread
  • Rapid Sweet bread
  • Artisan Doughs
  • Gluten Free
  • Low Carb
  • Packaged Mix
  • Cake
  • Dough/Pizza Dough
  • Pasta Dough
  • Jam and Chutney
  • Bake-Only
  • Rapid Bake
  • Last minute loaf

The main difference here is that the CBK 200 can make rapid version of breads and that is can make low carb and artisan doughs. If those are something you’re interested in, it’s a sure deal to get the CBK 200.

Another difference between the Cuisinart Bread Maker CBK 100 vs 200 is that the 200 has a fan in the bread maker. Why? So that hot air circulates around the bread – making for an even texture and color overall. Great if you want your breads to look perfect.

The last small thing that the 200 has is a 15 minute pause. This can be used to give the dough some extra rising time before it continues the regular program.

So which should you pick?

After reading this Cuisinart Bread Maker CBK 100 vs 200 you probably already know which one you want. If not: here’s a quick recap.

If you want to make low carb or artisan doughs – or value even appearance/texture in your bread – then go with the CBK 200. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, then the CBK 100 will perform just as well for you.

Click here to check the price of the CBK 200!

Or here for the Cuisinart CBK 100’s price!


P.S. The CBK 200 is more luxurious. So in doubt, I recommend you get that one!

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