Ice coolers come in all shapes and forms. But they only need to do one thing correct: keep your products and drinks ice and ice cold. Today we’re discussing the Magellan cooler review. Does it work as well as some of the other coolers that we’ve previously discussed here on the blog? And if not, which ones should you get instead? Let’s find out!

Magellan cooler review

The Magellan cooler is often seen as the non-premium variant of the Yeti coolers. They use the same rotomolded material for the isolation to ensure that the ice is isolated well enough. The reason why many people are attracted to the Magellan cooler is because it promises the same isolation for a lower price.

Here’s the specifications of the Magellan cooler

For any physical good, it’s important that you know the specifications. So you can compare it with other coolers and find out if it will be suitable for your situation. Here are the specifications of the Magellan cooler:

  • Rotomolded construction for isolation
  • Stainless steel locking plates
  • Tie down slates
  • FDA approved materials
  • Built-in cup holders
  • T-latches
  • Lid lock with integrated hingeAvailable in different volumes (25/50/75 quarts)

So in theory the Magellan cooler looks fine. However, when we dig a little further and see what others experience with the cooler, things become worse.

The main thing that turns people off from the Magellan cooler is that it promises to keep everything cold for up to 6 days (just like Yeti). Unfortunately, this is not the case in the majority of people. Many times, if you’re getting 2 days, you should consider that a good run.

And I’ve read cases about others who only got to 1 day with this cooler. The main reason for this is speculated that the lid doesn’t completely close when it gets hot – so the heat comes in and the isolation won’t be as effective.

Magellan cooler 25 review

The Magellan 25 is one of the smaller sizes that the company sells. It’s fine if you’re looking for a small cooler that you can easily take with you somewhere. however, if you’re planning on leaving for a longer period of time (for example if you’re going on a weekend trip fishing or hunting), I recommend you get a larger one.

Magellan cooler 50 review

The Magellan cooler 50 is already bigger (as expected). It’s a good choice if you’re leaving for the weekend with a small group of people. You need approximately half of the volume to fill with ice in order to keep everything cold for several days. 

Magellan cooler 75 review

The Magellan 75 cooler is great if you’re leaving for more than 2 to 3 days. Or  you’re with a larger group of people. Otherwise there wouldn’t be enough space to take everybody’s supplies. Many people prefer larger coolers – only if you get them from a more expensive brand, it will be very expensive. Since Magellan coolers are often about half of the price as other well-known brands, it’s a great choice to go with the larger option.

In the end, you’ve got to make a decision between cost and quality. Now, the quality isn’t that much worse than with a different brand. But the cost is lower. You can get a Yeti small cooler for the same price as one of the larger coolers from Magellan. So you’ve got to weigh these options and see which one is better fo ryou.

Final verdict: good cooler – but we recommend this one if you’re serious about keeping your stuff ice cold:

Here’s the final verdict of this Magellan cooler review. If you’re on a budget and not planning to use your cooler for longer than several days, then you can safely get the cooler.

If, on the other hand, you want your products and drinks to remain cool for at least a couple of days, then it’s highly recommend you get another quality cooler.

In that case, we recommend you get the Yeti cooler. It’s a high quality cooler that gets raving reviews from people all over the world. It’s available from 25 to 140 quarts – so likely enough for you. If you’re serious about keeping your stuff ice cold, then you should get the Yeti Tundra model. It’s the most popular Yeti ice chest that you can get.

Click here to see the prices of the Yeti Tundra ice chest!

magellan cooler review

P.S. quick conclusion for this Magellan cooler review: it’s an okay cooler, but if you’re serious about keeping your stuff cold, it’s better to pick the Yeti Tundra. Find out more information here!

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