ninja blender reviewYou’ve probably heard about the Ninja Blender. It’s an effective blender that you can use to make all sorts of tasty smoothies, frozen drinks or other recipes for which you need a blende. Now, you’re probably curious what sets this blender apart from all the other available blenders. Well, the answer is simple. You see, the Ninja Blender is a very powerful blender (1100 watt) that will allow you to cut through virtually every ingredient with ease. But there’s more in these Ninja Blender reviews – so I’m inviting you to sit back and start reading to find out!

In these Ninja Blender reviews we’ll discuss all the aspects of this blender. First we’ll talk about the features and specifications. So you know exactly what this blender has to offer. And so you can compare it to others. After that we’ll highlight 2 types of people who are most likely to get the most out of this machine. After that we’ll discuss the 5 biggest benefits that I’ve found with this blender.

Ninja Blender reviews

There are many blenders out there. That’s why it’s important to get an objective view of the specific blender that you’re looking to buy. What does it have to offer? How large is the container? what is it made of? What are the experiences of others who have used the blender?

It’s only a couple of questions that you can ask yourself to find out if a certain blender is the right one for you and your needs. Every person likes other drinks and recipes, so it’s only normal that different people use different blenders in their kitchen. That’s why I want to show you what the Ninja blender does – so you can make an educated decision if it’s the blender you need.

ninja blender reviews
This is how the Ninja Blender might look like in your kitchen!

Specifications of the Ninja Blender

Here’s an overview of all the specifications and features of the Ninja Blender. Use this list to compare it with other blenders on this site, so you’ll get a good view of what each one has to offer you.

  • Wattage – this machine has more than 1100 watts. Enough to cut through virtually every ingredient.
  • Volume of container – the container is 72 oz (2.2 liter) and that means that it’s suitable for large groups. You can make 8-9 servings from a full container.
  • Color – the blender is available in grey
  • Dimensions – 12 by 9 by 16 inches and weighs 10 pounds.

Note: for more specific information and features, please go to the Amazon page here.

2 types of people who’ll love to use the Ninja Blender

Even though many people can use this machine in their kitchen, I feel that there are 2 types of people who really get the most out of it. See if you can identify:

  • People who want a high quality blender for a good price – the Ninja Blender is a high quality professional blender that will give you everything you need in your kitchen.
  • Restaurant owners who need a blender in their kitchen/bar – the professional version of the Ninja Blender is suitable to be used in bars and/or restaurants. It’s suitable for daily use and it’s large enough so that you can make several smoothies/drinks for your guests at the same time. 

5 benefits of blending with the Ninja Blender

#1 Crush ice within seconds

If it’s a hot summer than you want to be able to crush ice fast. Some other blenders are unable to crush ice – and sometimes even break their blades when you add blocks of ice into the mix. Luckily the Ninja Blender has enough watt (and sharp strong blades) so that you can crush ice without any problems whatsoever.

This is especially nice if you want to add some ice to a specific drink that you’ve made. Sometimes it’s too thick and you want to add some liquid, but regular water wouldn’t be good. That’s when you can add some ice so that it becomes colder. I really love to make frozen drinks in summer, but I don’t like it if there are still full blocks of ice in it. If you’re anything like me, then you also prefer to have the ice completely crushed. Which is exactly why I like the Ninja blender.

#2 Includes Ninja cups

One of the nice things about this blender is that it comes included with cups. Instead of using the regular container to make your smoothie, you can put a cup on the blender. And add the ingredients into this take away cup. Save you some time in the morning while making your juice breakfast. Or if you’re going to the gym and want a healthy shake with you.

Not to mention that using only one cup and taking it with you will save a lot of cleaning for you. You’ll only have to clean the cup. It comes included with 2 cups – so even if there are several people in your household who want to take it with them, you can do so. The cups are 16 ounce so they are large enough for a good breakfast smoothie (or gym drink).

ninja blender smoothies
Make delicious and healthy smoothies with the Ninja Blender!

#3 Large 72 oz container

If you sometimes have guests (family or friends), then it’s nice to be able to give them all a good smoothie. But to do that you need a large container. The Ninja Blender container is 72 ounces (which is around 2.2 liter) and depending on the size of your glasses you’ll get around 8 to 9 servings out of it. It’s a lot easier to make 1 big container instead of repeating it twice. That’s why you want a large container instead of a small one.

#4 Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)

You might be worried about the cleaning of the blender. Since it’s a big one, you don’t want to be spending hours cleaning it after using it once. Don’t worry. The container is dishwasher safe. Which means that after using it, you can easily dismantle it and put it in your dishwasher to clean.

And what if you only run your dishwasher once every couple of days? No problem, then just use one of the 2 cups that we said earlier are included when you order the NInja blender. So you can use these if the large container is waiting to be cleaned.

#5 BPA-free container

You might have heard about BPA before. it’s chemical that is found in plastic which has a bad effect on the body. it mimics the female hormone estrogen and that’s something that you don’t want. Especially for men it’s a good idea to drink from glass bottles (or bottles made from BPA-free plastic). But also women don’t want extra BPA in their body. It can disrupt the balance of natural hormones.

The container from the Ninja Blender is BPA-free. Which means that you can safely drink from it and make your smoothies in it. You won’t have to worry about getting dangerous chemicals in your body. And if you want to minimize the risk of BPA, then I’d recommend you always drink from glass bottles or BPA free plastic.

Ninja Blender reviews conclusion

We’ve reached the end of the Ninja Blender reviews. I hope you’ve gotten a good idea of what type of blender this is. And that you’ve gained more clarity if this is the right blender for your needs.

It’s a great blender that is large enough to make a good quantity of drinks. And the quality is very high. You can see it as an investment in your health. If you’re curious how much the blender costs…

then click here to check it out on Amazon & start making healthy delicious smoothies!

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P.S. enjoyed reading these Ninja Blender reviews? Then click here to order the blender now and start making tasty smoothies chock full of vitamins and minerals!

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