Getting the right blender for your needs can be a difficult choice. I mean, there are thousands of different blenders available – so how do you make sure that you get the right one for you. Today we’re going to discuss the Ninja Professional Blender review. We’ll find out what the specifications of this blender are, and what types of people will benefit the most from having this high-tech blender in their kitchen. I’ll also let you know which 5 things surprised me the most from this blender.

Ninja Professional Blender review

Many blenders are quite similar. And that’s logical. After all, they have 1 common goal: to take ingredients and chop them up nicely. And that’s something most blenders do well. That’s why choosing the right blender for your kitchen needs is all about checking the fringe benefits. The little things that make some blenders 10X more easy to use than others.

So I recommend you first quickly check the specifications of the Ninja Pro Blender. Than after that read up what types of people this blender was made for. In the end I wrote down the 5 things that I personally like about the blender. These are not rocket science benefits, but mainly small things (that the producers well thought of) that make using the blender easier.

Ninja Blender specifications

Here’s a short overview of the specifics of this blender. Use this information to compare it to other blenders or to find out if it has the right power/size etc. for you.

  • Power – the Ninja Pro Blender has 1000 watt power
  • Size – it comes with a 72 oz  (2.2 liter) pitcher
  • Dimensions – the blender is 9 by 11 by 16 inches and weighs 10 pounds
  • Color – it’s available in black
ninja professional blender review
Here is how the Ninja Professional Blender looks like!

2 types of people who’ll love the Ninja Professional Blender

  • People who often have many guests or a large family – if you want to make smoothies/blends for larger groups, then you need a large blender with a high volume. The Ninja Professional blender has a 72 oz pitcher – which you can use to make around 7 regular cup smoothies.
  • People who want a blender that can easily crush ice – if you live in a hot climate, then you want to make drinks with crushed ice. Unfortunately most blender blades are not made for the hard ice blocks. But the Ninja Pro will do that without any problems whatsoever. So you can make your smoothies ice and ice-cold.

5 benefits of this blender

#1 Completely crushes ice and pulverizes seeds

Not only does it completely crush ice, but the sharp blades also make sure that no seeds remain. This is perfect if you don’t like it when all the little seeds (think kiwi) stay between your teeth. The Ninja Professional blender has enough power and sharp blades (that can take a hit) so that all the seeds will be completely pulverized.

And some people may like seeds – that’s also no problem. Just don’t set the blender at its highest speed and you can keep them in your smoothie.

#2 Large enough for making smoothies for parties/family gatherings

The 72 oz container is great for making large quantities of smoothies. Which is perfect if you’re having a family gathering or many guests coming over. Some smaller blender come with a 24 oz container – which is enough for 2 to 3 glasses. You’d have to blend a couple of times just to provide for 7 people.

With the Ninja Professional Blender you can do this is 1 time! So it saves you a lot of preparation and time.

#3 Recipes included!

The blender also comes with a couple of recipes included. This is perfect if you’re unsure which recipes to try first. After all, there are thousands of recipes available on the internet and this can be quite overwhelming.

The recipes included are all selected that they’re easy to make – but still incredibly tasty! I especially like the ones with oranges.

orange smoothie
Smoothies with oranges are one of my favorites! And the Ninja Pro Blender comes with a recipe book with extremely tasty recipes to try with your new blender.

#4 Free of harmful BPA toxins

The container is made from BPA free plastic. This substance is a hormone that can cause damage to your cells. (it works as a female hormone – only stronger). And some older blender containers are made with plastic that contains BPA. It is important to avoid this as you don’t want this substance in your body. You can safely drink from the Ninja Pro container as it is a safe container that does not contain harmful toxins.

#5 Dishwasher safe – no more manual cleaning!

I always hate to clean my blenders. It takes 2 minutes to quickly prepare my smoothie – but 5+ minutes to clean it… Luckily, the container from this blender is dishwasher safe. So you can easily make your smoothie and let it clean itself in the dishwasher. No more poking your sponge in between the sharp blades to get the last stuff out of it.

Conclusion Ninja Professional Blender review

Now that we’ve reached the end of this ninja Professional blender review, it’s time to make a conclusion. It’s a great medium priced blender (meaning not as cheap as some of the small blenders – but also not as expensive as some of the Vitamix models), so you won’t break the bank by buying this blender.

It’s a great option for people who occasionally make smoothies (especially for larger companies – or for your family), since the container is large. You can also make a smoothie for yourself, but the container is pretty big for that. So if you mainly make them for yourself, you might want to check out some of the smaller blenders.

But if you like to make large quantities of smoothies at the same time (you can always put it in the fridge with one of the tight locking lids), then the Ninja Pro Blender is a perfect choice for you.



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