ozark trail cooler reviewAre you going on a camping or fishing trip during summer? Then you need to make sure you’ve got a good cooler with you. Especially if the temperatures reach upper 70’s and higher – otherwise the food that you’re taking with you will spoil. And that’s not to talk about the drinks that will be lukewarm. And if you’re going fishing: your fish will spoil before you even get home. That’s why today we’re discussing the Ozark trail cooler review.

It’s a high-quality cooler that you can take with you on trips in nature in summer. But of course there are other purposes as well. You can use it every time you need to keep something cold for a long period of time.

Ozark trail cooler review

In order not to complicate things here, we’re going to be talking about the Ozark Trail 26-quart high performance cooler. As you might know, Ozark has some other coolers: in the same series with more volume. And some coolers that are not as well isolated (less weight – perfect if you’re just leaving for 1 or 2 days).

The Ozark Trail cooler is a cooler that is specifically designed for longer trips. The isolation is top notch and that means that if you put in enough ice, it can last a couple of days. Here are the dimensions of the 26-quart cooler:

  • 23 by 15.5 by 14 inches
  • 14 pounds
  • Manufactured by Ozark Trail
  • Warranty of 5 years
ozark trail cooler 26 quart fishing review
Click the image for more specifications about the Ozark Trail cooler!

2 Types of people who’ll love the Ozark trail cooler

Even though the cooler works for everyone who needs to cool something for several days, there are 2 types of people who will get the most out of the Ozark Trail cooler review. See if this is you:

  • People who are going camping/fishing/hunting in summer for several days without a fridge – depending on the amount of people the 26-quart cooler will be enough for this purpose. Otherwise you could get a bigger one.
  • People who are going on a longer road trip and need to have cool supplies with them – if you’re going on a road trip in summer (or when it’s warm enough), you want to have cool supplies with you. The Ozark trail cooler does this for you.

5 Benefits of the Ozark trail cooler:

#1 Available in different sizes: 26, 52 and 73 quarts

The first thing you should know is the sizes you can get the Ozark Trail cooler in. Depending on what you’re taking with you, the amount of people and how long you’re leaving – you can choose the right size cooler.

In general if you’re leaving for a couple of days together with a friend and you want to take some drinks and supplies with you, the 26-quart cooler will do.

If you’re going in a group of 4 people, it’s better to get the 52 quarts. And if you’re going in a large group, pick the 73 quarts.

Important to note is that the larger coolers will be more difficult to take with you by hand. So having a car to put it in is a necessity.

#2 Keeps ice for 4 days

The cooler keeps your supplies cold for 4 days (Ozark claims 4.5 days, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!). This means that if you’re going away for the weekend, that you have plenty of time to keep things cold.

Depending on the temperature and some other conditions, this can be more or less. But if you put in enough ice and it’s around 70-90 degrees, 4 days will work.

In the end of this Ozark Trail cooler review I’ve written a short section with some tips how to ensure good performance (meaning: keep it cold for longer).

#3 easy to take with you for longer trips

It’s heavier than most coolers. But that’s only because it has more isolation materials in there. If you’re looking to go away for several days at least, then you do not want to get a lightweight cooler. They do not have enough isolation to keep your goods cold for long enough.

And let’s face it: if you’re going camping or fishing, you’ve probably got a car with you. So if the cooler weighs a couple pounds more. No big deal. And if you’re getting a couple extra days of cold products in return, it’s a good bargain.

This makes the Ozark Trail cooler a solid choice if you’re leaving for longer trips. It also contains grips that make it easy to take with you. The grip is only for one person, but if it might be too heavy, you can always pick it up with 2 persons.

#4 Features drink holders and built-in bottle opener

Even though this site is about healthy eating, we all know that a little relaxation has its time and place. If you’re going fishing and you want to have a little drink with you, the Ozark Trail cooler has 2 drink holders. So you won’t have to worry about your drink spilling somewhere.

So you can enjoy a good time together with friends or family.

Also, there’s a built-in bottle opener. So you can use that to open your drinks (since it’s so easy to forget to bring a bottle opener in the midst of all the chaos of packing for a trip!)

#5 Perfect for hot trips in nature in summer

You’ve probably guessed it already after reading part of this Ozark Trail cooler review. The cooler is the perfect companion for trips in summer. It doesn’t matter too much where you’re going – as long as it’s hot outside, you’ll get plenty of use out of the cooler. It’s especially useful for:

  • Camping trips
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Road trips

If you’re going for longer than 4 days, I recommend you get the 52 or 73-quart version. Otherwise, the 26-quart cooler will do fine.

Tips for getting the most out of your Ozark Trail cooler:

During my research for this Ozark Trail cooler review I read a lot of information about the cooler. And one thing I noticed was some negative reviews on Amazon. It was mainly complaints about the longevity of the cooler. If the cooler isn’t performing, then in 99% of cases it’s the fault of the person using it – not the cooler.

That’s why here are some user recommendation (and mistakes to avoid) when using the Ozark Trail cooler:

  1. Make sure that there’s enough ice. This may sound obvious, but some people think putting in 1 pound of ice is enough for several days. No, the more ice, the better the function. It’s recommended to put at least 50% ice if you’re leaving for several days.
  2. Cool the cooler before you fill it. If the cooler is standing in your garage at 80 degrees, already half of the ice you put in will be used to cool the inside. So either put it in your freezer before you fill it. Or put in ice, throw away the water after it has been cooled off and add new ice.
  3. The seal should be tight. So for some it might seems that if it’s partially closed, it’s already closed enough. This is not true – and will reduce performance. So always make sure that the rubber seal is closed tight enough.
  4. This is a general thing: whenever possible, put the cooler into the shade. And don’t leave it in the car if the car is standing in the sun. Everything you can do to reduce the outside heat of the cooler will improve its performance.

Conclusion Ozark trail cooler review:

You’ve made it to the end of this Ozark Trail cooler review. You’ve probably got a good idea if the cooler will fit your trip’s purpose. If not, let me give you a quick summary of this review:

The Ozark Trail cooler is a solid choice if you’re leaving town for a couple days in summer. Especially if you’re going fishing/hunting and you want to take your catches home without them spoiling. The 26-quart cooler is perfectly suited for 2 people who are leaving for several days.

If you’re going in a larger group, it’s better to take the 52 or 73-quart version. The cooler is easy to take with you, and isn’t too large. The isolation is well-done and will make sure that everything stays cool for several days.

When you decide to get the cooler, be sure that you do the following 3 things: 1) put in enough ice. 2) cool the cooler before you fill it. 3) ensure that the seal is tightly sealed whenever you’re not using it. And 4) keep the cooler in the shade/out of the sun as much as possible.

If you do that, your Ozark Trail cooler will stay cold for as long as possible. And you’ll get the most out of your purchase.

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