Vitamix 500: Make Smoothies Like Never Before + 30 Day Test Drive

vitamix 500 recipeHave you heard about the Vitamix 500? It’s a commercial grade blender that is great if you want to make smoothies and other recipes without any problems whatsoever. It comes with a 64 ounce Vitamix container and you can easily make all sorts of nice things in it.

In this article we’re going to discuss the Vitamix 500. First you’ll learn a bit about Vitamix. Then we’ll talk about the specifics of the blender. You’ll also find out the 5 biggest benefits that you can expect. In the end you can read some reviews about the blender and I’ll give you a link where you can buy the blender.

About Vitamix

Vitamix introduced their first blender in 1937. It was a breakthrough and it quickly became popular throughout America. So the company has been around for more than 80 years. In these years they have pushed the boundaries in innovation. And many people recognize Vitamix blenders as one of the best highest quality machines that you can find.

The Vitamix community is very tight and you can share recipes with thousands of other proud Vitamix others!

Vitamix 500 specifications

Here are the specifications of the Vitamix professional series 500:

  • Dimensions – 9 x 20 x 8 inches and weighs 17 pounds.
  • Made in the USA – the blender is made in the USA and has 120 volt.
  • Container – the included container is 64 ounces and BPA-free.
  • Color – the colour is brushed stainless steel

Note: for more specifics about the blender, please check this page for the price and more information.

Two types of people who’ll love the Vitamix 500

  • People who want a quality blender – if you want a quality blender that will be able to cut every ingredient that you put in it, the Vitamix 500 is the right blender for you. You’ll have a lot of fun and will enjoy the blender for a long time.
  • People who want to try the blender for 30 days before making the final decision – the blender comes with a 30 day trial. This means that you can try the blender out in the comfort of your own home. You can try all your favorite recipes and then make a final decision.
vitamix 500 reviews
Here is a close up of the Vitamix 500.

Five benefits of the Vitamix 500

#1 Commercial grade motor cuts through any ingredient

The 2+ peak horsepower motor and the razor-sharp are able to cut through virtually any ingredient that you put in there. If you were previously avoiding making smoothies with harder fruit such as apples, then you will be able to do a lot of good things with this blender.

Many other blenders will leave little parts or seeds in the final result. This can be very irritating if it gets in between your teeth. But luckily you won’t have to worry about that with this blender. You can simply turn it on for a good time to make sure that it will cut through all the little parts and you can drink a nice smoothie.

#2 Pre-programmed settings for consistent results

The blender comes with 3 pre-programmed settings. You can use these to make your smoothies consistently good with the same textures. Here are the 3 different settings:

  • Smoothie
  • Hot soup
  • Frozen desserts

You can simply put in the ingredients, turn on the blender at your desired setting. Then you can also walk away for the time that it blends. This is great if you are cooking and doing other stuff at the same time.

#3 Spill-proof lid

The container comes with spill-proof lid. If you’ve ever had the experience of making a nice smoothie and finding that all the ingredients started flying out of the container, then you know how frustrating this can be. Luckily the Vitamix 500 container comes with a lid that will ensure that all the ingredients will stay in the container.

Vitamix 500 blender
The lid of the Vitamix will ensure that your kitchen stays clean while you make delicious smoothies!

#4 30 day guarantee

The blender comes with a 30 day guarantee. This is great news if you’re the type of person who prefers the try something before making the final decision. Vitamix blenders are pretty expensive. But the quality they offer is worth way more than their price.

This means that you can try out the Vitamix 500 and I you don’t like it, you can return it and get a refund. But I’d wager that you’ll like it so much that you don’t want to! Anyways, the choice is up to yours. And you won’t know what you’ll miss if you don’t try it. You have nothing to lose!

#5 64 ounce BPA-free container

Have you heard about BPA? It’s a chemical that is used in plastics. Unfortunately it works in the same way as the estrogen molecule in the bodies of both men and women. So when you drink from a bottle you actually ingest BPA – which has the same effect as estrogen. Needless to say, this s not something you want. But the containers from Vitamix are BPA free. This means that you won’t have to worry about damaging your health.

Vitamix 500 reviews

“Love to blender so far. It’s great for my morning smoothies and I feel energized every day. I wish I had bought it earlier so I would be in even better shape already!”

– Patrick

“I finally decided to make the plunge and take a Vitamix. Figured it wouldn’t hurt with the 30 day test trial. Happy I made the choice and my kids and husband love all the recipes that I’m making!”

– Claudia

Where to get the Vitamix 500?

The Vitamix 500 is a great blender if you care about quality. You can make virtually every single blender recipe with it and you won’t regret your purchase! So if you too want to experience all the amazing benefits that this blender has to offer you…

…then click here to order the Vitamix 500 on Amazon & try it out for 30 days!

buy vitamix 500


P.S. did I mention that you get 7 years warranty on the machine? That way you’ll know for sure that if anything happens, you’ve got a backup. Click here to read more about the Vitamix warranty.

Instant Pot IP Lux60: Cook Tastier Food In 70% Less Time

instant pot ip lux60I take it you’ve already heard about the Instant Pot. It has been a huge success all over the world for people who want to make their kitchen life easier. It works great if you want to make delicious meals at home – but simply don’t have the time to cook. With the Instant Pot you can – as the name implies – cook your food a LOT faster than traditional cooking. But there is more, and that is exactly why today we are going to discuss the Instant Pot IP Lux60.

It’s the little brother of the original Instant Pot. And it has several benefits compared to his older brother. If you already own an Instant Pot. Or if you’re curious why you’d go for the Instant Pot IP Lux60 instead of the original one, then please continue reading this article.

We’ll start off by discussing Instant Pot for a second. Then we’ll dive into the specifics of the Instant Pot IP Lux60. After that you’ll find out everything about all the benefits that you’ll experience cooking with this new kitchen appliance. In the end you’ll find some reviews and where you can buy the Instant Pot.

We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get started!

About Instant Pot

Instant Pot is a company that was founded in 2009. The team consisted of Canadian researchers who wanted to improve the way people cook. You see, many people these days choose fast food over normal healthy cooking. With the soaring obesity rates, this IS a problem.

What if there would be a way to make healthy home cooking as simple as fast food? That was exactly the thought of the beginning Instant pot team. And in 2010 they succeeded. The first Instant Pot was a fact.

It allows people to cook delicious home meals a lot faster. Or even while they were at work. All you have to do is just add the ingredients in the morning. Chose the right recipe for your dish. Set the timer and you will come home to a warm meal after work!

Over the years every new Instant Pot generation has improved. And the Instant Pot IP Lux60 was first released in 2016.

Instant Pot IP Lux60 specifications

  • Available sizes – you can order the pot in the sizes 5, 6 and 8 quarts.
  • Material – the instant pot is made from stainless steel without chemical coating.
  • Maximum pressure cooking time – you can pressure cook for up to 240 minutes (4 hours).
  • Maximum delay timer – delay the starting time up to 24 hours.

Note: for more information (price, warranty etc.), please check out the Instant Pot IP Lux60 page on Amazon here.

instant pot lux60
Here is how the Instant Pot Lux60 can look in your kitchen!

2 types of people who love to cook with the Instant Pot IP Lux60

  • People who want 1 appliance in their kitchen – if you don’t have a lot of space in your kitchen, then you want to use this as well as possible. Enter the Instant Pot. It features 7 different appliances in 1. You won’t need a slow cooker, pressure cooker or rice cooker (and more) anymore, since the Instant Pot will take care of all this.
  • People who are straddled for time but still want to eat healthy – don’t have a lot of time to cook yourself? The Instant Pot allows you to cook amazingly delicious home-made meals with barely any time investment whatsoever!

5 benefits of the Instant Pot IP Lux60

#1 Reduces your cooking time up to 70%

Pressure cooking can heat up your vegetables, meat and rice a lot faster than normal cooking/boiling. This means that you can easily save up to 70% of your cooking time. Can you imagine how much more you would cook at home if making a great dinner only took you 15 minutes?

#2 Replaces 7 other kitchen appliances

Here’s a complete list of all the kitchen appliances that the Instant Pot IP Lux60 can replace:

  • Pressure cooker
  • Slow cooker,
  • Rice cooker
  • Saute
  • Cake and egg program
  • Steam function
  • Heater for your food

You can save a ton of space in your kitchen if you have just 1 appliance that can do everything from the above list!

#3 Includes 10 built-in programmes

On top of all the function described in the previous paragraph, you can decide between 10 pre-programmed settings. You can think of these as recipes that you can activate with the touch of just 1 button. Here they are:

  • Soup
  • Meat
  • Cake
  • Egg
  • Porridge
  • Saute
  • Rice
  • Multigrain
  • Steam
  • Slow Cook

#4 Incredibly safe to use

The Instant pot IP lux60 passes all the requirements to be UL and ULC certified. This means that you won’t have to worry about anything happening while you’re cooking. On top of that, the pot has 10 different ways to release excess pressure.

instant pot lux60 reviews
The Instant Pot IP Lux60 is one of the safest pressure cookers currently available!

#5 Comes with a recipe book

If you’re new to pressure/slow cooking, then you’re probably curious how it exactly works. Don’t worry. The Instant Pot comes with a recipe book that is made specifically to use with the pot itself. Just follow the easy steps in the book and you’ll make delicious meals within no time!

Instant Pot IP Lux60 reviews

“Love the Instant Pot. I didn’t know what I was missing until I tried it. People are right; you won’t even notice how fast your cooking can go till you try it!”

– Jennifer


“Very pleasant surprised. I work in an office and I often come home pretty late. Cooking when you’re home at 10 isn’t really attractive to me. But with the Instapot I don’t have to! And I can still eat healthy and stay on track for my weight loss goals.”

– Paul

Where to buy the Instant Pot IP Lux60?

If you want to buy the Instant Pot IP Lux60 model, then you can do so on Amazon. You can check out what other people think about the Pot and see how it differs from previous models.

Click here to order the Instant Pot IP Lux60 on Amazon & transform the way you cook at home!

buy instant pot lux ip 60


P.S. did I tell you that the Instant Pot comes with a FREE app? You’ll have access to all the explanation videos and 300 recipes on your phone. Click here to learn more what else you’ll get!

Instant Pot Duo60: Even More Settings Than The Original Instant Pot

instant pot duo60Have you heard about the Instant Pot? It’s a great new innovation that allows you to cook almost twice faster than you normally do. It also combines several kitchen machines so you can save a ton of space in your kitchen. And there is a new model out this year (2017): the Instant Pot Duo60.


It does everything the original Instant Pots does but a whole lot more too. This means that you can make cooking in your kitchen even easier than it was before (whether you already own an older Instapot or none at all!).

How exactly does this work?

In this article we’ll go through everything you need to know about the Instant Pot Duo60. First we’ll cover why the original Instant Pot was such a huge success. Then we’ll get to all the specifications of the new one. We’ll discuss what types of people can benefit the most from this new model. Then you’ll learn about the 5 biggest benefits you‘ll experience when cooking. And finally we’ll go to a couple of user reviews and you’ll find out where you can buy this product.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!

About Instant Pot

The Instant Pot was invented in 2010 by a team of Canadian researches. They noticed that too many people were giving up on home cooking. Simply because it took too much time that they didn’t have. McDonalds and other fast food is a lot easier.

Unfortunately this is bad for our health. So what if there was a way to make home cooking as fast and easy as taking out some fast food? Well, they found the answer to this question and turned it into the Instant Pot. A new kitchen appliance that changed how people are cooking today.

And in the 7 years since the first pot they have added a ton of innovations to new models. That means that the Instant Pot Duo60 that you buy will do everything the original one does. And a lot more. What exactly else it does – you’ll find that out in today’s article.

instant pot duo 60
This is how the Instant Pot DUO60 will look like in your kitchen!

Instant Pot Duo60 specifications

  • Available sizes – you can buy the pot in the size of 6 quarts.
  • Material – the pot and the exterior are made from stainless steel
  • Dishwasher-friendly – the individual parts are easy to clean and can fit in your dishwasher.
  • Extra’s –when you order the Instant Pot you’ll get a steam rack, soup spoon, measuring cup, recipe book and a serving spoon.

Note: for more specific information (warranty duration, price etc.), please go to this page on Amazon.

2 types of people who’ll love the Instant Pot Duo60

  • People who simply can’t find the time to cook at home – if you’re struggling for every free minute of your day, then you don’t want to spend a lot of time on cooking. The Instant Pot Duo60 helps you with this by making home cooking easy and fast.
  • People who have an older model and want new functions – if you have an older model Instapot and you want more, then this new model will give you more and new functions (check the rest of the article what exactly)

5 benefits of cooking with the Instant Pot Duo60

#1 Has even more pre-set programs than the previous Instant Pots

As you might know from the original Instapot, it has a ton of appliances that you can basically throw away the moment you buy an Instant Pot. Well, the list has increased. You can now also use the pot to boil eggs too. And if you want to use it to sterilize something, the new model also offers you that function!

#2 LCD display shows everything you need

The new large blue LCD display shows you conveniently everything you need to know about how the cooking progress is going. It shows which program is running and the times. This means that you’ll easily see how far your meal is. And you won’t have to look at the small pictures that the previous versions had.

#3`Adjust settings while the pot is cooking

Another new thing is that you can now also adjust the cooking settings on the go. With the easy-adjustable settings you can turn up the heat or pressure while the pot is already cooking. Of course you can also lower the heat or pressure if you feel that it’s too high for your dish.

instant pot duo60 review
The Instant Pot Duo 60 is a great addition to any kitchen!

#4 Cook up to 70% faster than traditional cooking

For those not familiar with the original Instant Pots. The Instant pot allows you to cook up to 70% faster than if you were to do the traditional cooking of heating your food in a regular pan. This means that a dish that would take you normally 30 minutes to cook can now be anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. How’s that for saving time!

#5 Does everything the original Instant Pot does & MORE

We’ve said it before, but this new model still offers you ALL the benefits that the previous models Instapot offered you. Plus a ton of extra’s. Some of which we have described here. If you want to know more, you can click the link at end of this page to see exactly what the new improvements have been!

 Instant Pot Duo60 reviews

“traded in my old Instapot for this new model! Absolutely love the egg function that I use almost every morning to quickly get my breakfast ready!”

– Trudy


“I still can’t believe some people don’t have an Instant Pot at home. The functionality of this thing makes it so incredibly convenient to make almost ANYTHING. And it’s not even expensive. I give it almost to all of my friends for their birthdays!”

– Jack

Where to get the Instant Pot Duo60?

Curious for more info on this new model Instant Pot? Or you want to check for how much you can buy it? If you are…

…then click here to see the Instant Pot Duo60 prices on Amazon!

buy instant pot duo60


P.S. the instant pot comes with a free app In it you’ll see all the instruction videos PLUS you’ll get more than 300 easy recipes that go with the pot. Want more information? Click here to find out!

All American Pressure Cooker: Perfect for Canning or Cooking Your Food

all american pressure cookerLooking for a large pressure cooker that you can use to can meat, fish or veggies? Then the All American pressure cooker might be the right thing for you. With a maximum volume of 41.5 quarts this pressure cooker will be the right choice for your kitchen.

And even if you’re not interested in canning foods, the All American pressure cooker will still help you out in many cases. Especially if you have to cook for an event (or you simply have a lot of guests invited at your place), the pressure cooker can offer many benefits.

In this article we’re going to discuss the ins and outs of the All American pressure cooker. You’ll find out the 2 types of people that will get the most out of it. And the 5 largest benefits that you’ll experience when cooking with the All American pressure cooker.

About All American

All American pressure cookers are produced by Red Hill General Store, Inc. It’s a Virginia based company that offers a wide range of pressure cookers (and canners). They focus only on quality products and will never sell used or damaged products.

They are known for their outstanding customer satisfaction and many people are all over the world use their pressure cookers with great satisfaction.

all american pressure cooker review
This is how the All American pressure cooker looks from up close.

All American pressure cooker specifications

Enough about the company behind this cooker. Let’s find out exactly what the features and specifications are that you can expect when you order the All American pressure cooker:

  • Size – the pot is available in 10.5, 15.5, 21.5, 25, 30 and 41,5 quart.
  • Color – the colour of the pressure cooker is silver.
  • Material – it’s made from aluminium
  • Manual – the cooker comes with an easy-to-read manual and instruction guide.
  • Suitable stoves – you can use the cooker on flat top, electrical or gas stoves.

Note: for all the dimensions and specific prices or each size cooker, please go to this page for more information.

Two types of people who’ll love to cook with the All American pressure cooker

  • People who want a large pressure cooker to can their meats or vegetables – if you have a lot of meat, fish or fowl that you want to can so you can eat it later, then you want a large pressure canner. The All American pressure cooker is one of the highest quality pressure cookers that you can use to can all sorts of food at home.
  • People who want to cook for a large group of people – whether you’re volunteering at your church or have a large party with many guests at home. A pressure cooker with a large volume is great if you want to surprise many people with delicious food.

5 benefits of the All American pressure cooker

#1 Great for canning foods

If you like to go hunting in your free time, or in any other way you have a lot of meat at home that you don’t want to get spoiled. Then you need a way to preserve all of it. Canning is a great way to do this because it preserves the shelf life of the meat (and vegetable if you mix it). The easiest way to do this is to use a large pressure canner. Because the All American pressure cooker has a maximum volume of 41.5 quarts, you can use it to can a large amount of food.

#2 Extra pressure gets released for more safety

A lot of pressure is generated when using a pressure cooker. This is normal, since it is how it works. But once a while you still hear stories of people who didn’t use their cooker correctly and it somehow exploded.

This is a real risk and it is good to avoid it at all costs. After all, the damages can be extreme. Luckily, the All American pressure cooker has 2 built-in ways to release too much pressure. The overpressure plug and the safety control valve will ensure that all the extra pressure will be removed.

#3 Choose between 5, 10 and 15 psi

Different foods require different pressure. You can easily set the pressure in this pressure pot. Some other cookers only have 1 setting, which makes them alright for the occasional use at home. But if you are canning or making larger quantities of food, then you simply need to be able to choose between multiple levels of pressure.

all american cooker pot
All the pot sizes that are available on Amazon.

#4 No gasket that can crack, burn or has to be replaced

The pressure cooker works with a metal-on-metal closing. The metal on metal works just as well to make sure no pressure escapes as regular gaskets. But there are many benefits. Because there is no gasket, this also means that the gasket cannot crack down, burn or get damaged in any way. You won’t have to worry about replacing the gasket because there is no gasket!

#5 Aluminium construction for fast and equally distribution heating

The pressure cooker is made from aluminium. This material has been proven as one of the best (and affordable) materials for pressure cooking. It allows for quick and fast heating. And the heating is also evenly distributed so you won’t have to worry about some parts of your food getting burned.

All American pressure cooker reviews

“I used to can all my foods in smaller cooker. But now that I’ve made the plunge to this large cooker I’ll know that I’ll never go back to these regular ones.”

– Bob


“I volunteer at my church and once a year I make a big bean stew for everyone. It’s has gotten me many compliments so far and it doesn’t even take that much effort to make it!”

– Janice

Where to buy the All American pressure cooker?

You can buy the All American pressure cooker on Amazon. You can choose between several different sizes to make sure you get the right size for you. You can also read up on a lot of other user experiences to find out if the pressure cooker would be what you need. After all, learning about what other people enjoyed (or didn’t), can be very useful to learn more about the pressure cooker.

So, what are you waiting for?

Click here to check out the All American pressure cooker on Amazon & learn if it is the right cooker for your needs!

buy all american pressure cooker


P.S. did you know the All American pressure cooker comes with a recipe book? Click here to find out more!

Nutribullet Blender: Create Your Smoothie in 7 Seconds With This Blender

nutribullet blenderDo you like to drink a morning smoothie before you go to work? Would you like to take it with you so you can have a nice mid-morning refresher? If you answered yes to one of the previous 2 questions – then the Nutribullet Blender might just be the best thing you get for yourself this year.

In today’s article we will discuss all the uses of the Nutribullet blender. What you can do with it. Why it’s such a  great choice if you care about your health. And 5 more benefits of having this blender in your kitchen.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find out everything you need to know about the Nutribullet blender.

About Nutribullet

Before we dive into the specifics of this blender, let me first tell you something about the company behind this amazing blender: Nutribullet. Nutribullet is a company that specializes in making high quality blenders that are great for your health. Their mission is to create blenders that are easy to use, and work very fast.

After all, you don’t want to wait for a long time when you are about to make your breakfast. Nutribullet’s goal is to make your daily life easier. And how can they better do it, then offering you a one-stop solution for making perfectly healthy smoothies and juices!

Nutribullet cares about innovation and customer satisfaction., That is why all their products come out great in customer tests. They have several different models of blenders – all of them specialized in a certain way of blending. Click here to read my comprehensive review of the Magic Bullet blender.

nutribullet blender review
Here is everything that’s included with the Nutribullet blender

Nutribullet blender specifications

Alright, enough talked about the company. Let’s find out why their Nutribullet blender is so special. Their most popular model is the Nutribullet 12 piece system blender/mixer. Here are all the specifications of this blender:

  • Wattage – 600 Watt
  • Volume – 3 Cups
  • Possible uses – Shred, Blend, Grind and Chop
  • Material – Plastic (BPA-Free)
  • Dimensions: 5.3″ Diameter x 8″ Height. The blender weighs 3.6 pounds.

Note: for more specific information about this blender, please go to this page.

Two types of people who’ll love to use the Nutribullet blender

  • People who don’t want to waste a lot of time making healthy breakfast smoothies – if you find yourself strapped for time in the mornings and have problems making a healthy breakfast, then the Nutribullet blender is the perfect blender for you. Put in the ingredients, press the button and voila. Your healthy breakfast is done within several seconds.
  • People who don’t have a lot of space in their kitchen for larger blenders – if you have a small kitchen and every single square centimeter is valuable kitchen space, then you want a small blender that can still make delicious smoothies. The Nutribullet blender is smaller than most other blenders and is perfect for smaller kitchens.

5 benefits of the Nutribullet blender

#1 Blends even the toughest foods

Whether you like to make smoothies that includes nuts and other tough ingredients, or you like to use blenders to chop up vegetables for your main dish. The Nutribullet blender can help you out. It has 600 watts that can, together with the sharp blades, cut through any whole food ingredients. This means that you can create very healthy meals or smoothies. Because you can blend any ingredients you want without any problems whatsoever.

nutribullet reviews
The stainless steel blades make blending even the toughest ingredients a breeze!

#2 Cuts through food within seconds

Most blenders need a long time to really cut the food. But not the Nutribullet blender. This blender’s unique design was made in such a way that it can cut through food in several seconds. The main benefit of this of course is that you can very quickly create the recipes that you want. And if you’re like the majority of Americans, than you want to save every single second that you can!

#3 Extracts all the nutrients from your food

The digestion of your body takes up a lot of energy. Even the salad you had for lunch yesterday still needs to be broken down to molecules for your body to absorb all the nutrients from it. By using this blender, you can cut all the ingredients already to an easier-digestable form. This will help[ your body save energy from digestion and it will be easier for you to absorb all the nutrients from your food!

#4 Easy to clean

If there’s one thing I hate about making delicious smoothies, it is cleaning the blender afterwards. For some reason it always takes me 3 times as long to clean my blender than it takes me to use the blender. Luckily, you can easily put the Nutribullet blender parts in your dishwasher. This means that you no longer have to worry about cleaning all the little parts of your blender (especially in between the blades).

#5 Take your smoothie or juice with you

The Nutribullet blender comes with several easy to bring with you cups.After you’ve made your blending creation, you can just pour it into one of the small or large cups (depending on how thirsty you are) and put the lid on it. Take it with you to work or when you go play sports!

nutribullet reviews
Make your smoothie. Pour it in one of the 2 cups. And easily take it with you to work or to play sports!

Nutribullet blender review

“I absolutely love the Nutribullet blender. It’s a great way to make smoothies in summer. Even my kids love it. My favorite recipe is blueberry kefir smoothie. I especially love how even the smallest parts of the fruit are broken down to an easy to drink liquid. Absolutely recommended!”

– Laura


“Everyday before I go to my crossfit class, I make a healthy blend. That’s because I don’t want my body to be spending energy on digestion while I’m pounding away on the weights. I drink the tall cup during my workout and I have found that my performance has increased greatly.”


Where to get the Nutribullet blender?

If you too want to experience all the amazing benefits of the Nutribullet blender…

then click here to order it on Amazon & start making smoothies with great ease!

buy nutribullet blender


P.S. did you know that when you order the blender, you get free access to more than a 100 different blender recipes. Start making healthy and delicious recipes & order the Nutribullet blender NOW!

nutribullet recipe

Vitamix 300 – Create Delicious Smoothies With This Professional Blender

vitamix 300How would your life be if you had an amazing blender at home in which you could make every single thing you wanted to make? A blender that would allow you to create mouth-watering smoothies. Or delicious purees for your dinner? And a blender that would be made to last. So that you could just buy 1 high quality blender that will last you many years to come. This blender is the Vitamix 300. And that is exactly why we’ll be talking about this blender today.

About Vitamix

Vitamix is a company that has been around for a long time. They focus on producing high quality blenders that will help you make the most delicious smoothies and other recipes. The great thing about them is that they have many different types of blenders. Ranging from the most luxurious ones to simpler everyday use machines. And it’s up to you which one you want in your kitchen! If you’re curious about other Vitamix reviews, you can read around on the site for more information. You can find both information about specific blender models, but also about the company itself.

But enough about the company – let’s dive into the Vitamix 300 review!

Vitamix 300 specifications

Here are all the specifications of the Vitamix professional series 300:

  • Power – 2 peak horsepower motor. 120 volt, 50/60 hertz and 12 amps.
  • Container – the container is 64 ounces and made from BPA free plastic.
  • Blades – the blades are made from stainless steel
  • Color – the blender is available in ruby red.
  • Warranty – when you buy the blender, you’ll get a 10 year warranty from Vitamix.
  • Dimensions – the blender is 8 x 10 x 18 inches and weighs 19 pounds.

Note: for more specific information about this Vitamix blender (price, models etc.), please go to this page.

2 types of people who’ll love the Vitamix 300

  • People who want an all-in-one blender for everyday use – whether you want to make morning smoothies, or use it to blend sauces for your dinner. The Vitamix 300 can be sued every single day to make the recipes and drinks that you love.
  • People who want to make delicious smoothies – if you want to make very tasty smoothies than this blender is for you. The razor-sharp blades are able to cut through virtually any ingredient so you smoothies will be very smooth and tasty.
vitamix 300 reviews
This how the Vitamix 300 looks like up close!

5 benefits of the Vitamix 300

#1 Create smoothies with the exact texture that you want

The Vitamix 300 has many different settings and speeds. This means that you can create smoothies with the exact texture that you want. This is great if you don’t like the seeds from fruits that stay in most other blenders. It’s also nice if you want to try some more different recipes such as adding nuts to your smoothie or other ingredients that can be tough for regular blenders to mix.

#2 Motor doesn’t heat up like other blenders

You probably have had the experience with other blenders. You start blending but after 10 seconds you start to smell burning. Now you have to pause the blender and wait for it to cool off so that it gets a break and loses heat. You’ve got to wait and later you can start blending again.

Luckily the motor from the Vitamix blender was designed in such a way that it doesn’t heat up. Now I wouldn’t recommend you to put it on for hours at a time at the highest speed… but this blender can sure handle blending a lot longer than other regular blenders!

#3 Stainless steel blades that cut through anything

The stainless steel blades are more than just a fancy thing. They are razor-sharp and will cut through virtually whole food ingredient that you put in it. This means that you can make smoothies and blends of many ingredients that you can’t with other less strong blenders.

The blades also won’t stain. Even if you daily make carrot juice (known for making orange stains), the blender won’t get an orange color!

vitamix 300 reviews
Carrot juice tends to stain other blenders – but not the Vitamix 300!

#4 Large 64 ounce BPA free container

You might have heard about BPA. It’s a molecule that is found in plastic that mimics the function of estrogen (the main hormone of women). This can cause a lot of hormonal problems in both men and women. Luckily the container is made from BPA free plastic.

This means that you can safely drink from the can and you won’t have to worry about negative consequences from BPA.

#5 Cleans itself in less than a minute

I love to blend. But I hate to clean it afterwards. Especially between the blades. Luckily the Vitamix 300 can wash itself in less than a minute. How does this work? Well it’s really simple.

All you have to do is put some hot water and soap in the Vitamix. Let is run for about 30 seconds to a minute. And watch as your Vitamix cleans itself! Afterwards just throw the hot water in the sink and your Vitamix will be as clean as ever before.

Vitamix 300 reviews

“Love this one from Vitamix. I use it to make a morning blend for my breakfast. It’s healthy and keeps me fit. I then take it to work and drink my mix there first thing when I arrive.”

– Catherine


“I used to go my neighbourhood café for nice smoothies and drinks during lunch time. But now my boss has gotten a Vitamix 300 for all of the employees to use in the cafeteria. (I work in a start up with 4 other guys so we don’t have a lot of people). I make smoothies for everyone in the office during lunch and also before on our 3 o clock walk. Everyone loves it and I get compliments from my smoothie skills all the time!”

– Alex

Where to get the Vitamix 300?

If you too want to experience all the amazing benefits that this Vitamix has to offer you…

…then click here to order the Vitamix 300 & get started making healthy and delicious blends!

buy vitamix 300


P.S. did you know the Vitamix comes with a cookbook chock full of healthy recipes? Click here to find out more about the Vitamix 300 and everything you’ll get with it!

Health Benefits Beet Juice: Lower Blood Pressure & Increase Energy

health benefits beet juiceIf you care about your health, then you’re probably looking for all sorts of ways to improve your well-being and energy levels. Did you know that one of the easiest ways to improve your health is by juicing? It’s a great way to extract all the necessary vitamins and ingredients from raw vegetables and fruits. Especially drinking a glass of beet juice every day can help you with a ton of different health problems. And that is exactly why today’s article is about the health benefits beet juice.

Health benefits beet juice

Beets have been around for a long time. Even the romans were famous for eating a lot of beets. Because they already knew about all the good things that beets could do for them. Even though some people may not like the taste of raw beets (if you’ve never tried it: they have a very ‘earthy’ taste). The best way then to consume beets for all their benefits is by drinking it as a juice!

Nutritional profile of beets

Here is the nutritional profile of raw beets. One cup (136 grams) of raw beets contains:

  • 59 calories
  • 14 grams carbohydrates
  • 2 grams protein
  • 16% of your daily requirements of vitamin A
  • 2% of your daily requirements of calcium
  • 12% of your daily requirements of vitamin C
  • 7% of your daily requirements of iron

As you can see drinking a good glass of beet juice offers you many vitamins and nutrition that you need. On top of that beets also contain the following nutrients: folate, potassium, zinc, pantothenic acid, choline, manganese, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B-6, phosphorus betaine, magnesium, copper and selenium.

beets health benefits
Raw beets are very healthy, but some people don’t like their ‘earthy’ taste.

2 Types of people who can use daily beet juice

  • Athletes who want to improve their performance – beets contain nitric oxide. Even though all vegetables contain this, beets contain almost 20 times more nitric oxide than others vegetables. It’s a great thing to drink for athletes as it improves the amount of oxygen in your blood. Your muscle will be able to exert more power.
  • People who want more energy – if you find yourself with low energy throughout the day, you might want to drink a glass of beet juice every day. The Nitrates in beet juice increase energy and can make you more energetic.

6 Benefits of drinking beet juice

Health benefits beet juice #1: Beet juice detoxifies your body

Drinking beet juice will help your liver to deal with all the toxins in your body. Because beet juice contains methionine and glycine betaine. These 2 compounds help to prevent the build-up of fatty acids in the liver. This in turn makes your liver more effective in detoxifying your body.

Health benefits beet juice #2: Helps lower your blood pressure

We’ve talked before about the nitric oxide that beets increase in your body. And these compounds are great for lowering blood pressure. Studies have shown that people drinking raw beet juice for a month experienced lower blood pressure. Beets contain more than 20 times the amount of dietary nitrates compared to other vegetables. These nitrates help to increase the natural nitric oxide production in your body and this helps decrease your blood pressure.

Health benefits beet juice #3: May help protect you from cancer

People who were in far stages of cancer have shown great improvements when given a daily glass of beet juice (10 ozs) for 4 months. Because of all the nutrients in the beet juice their liver was better able to attack the toxins of the cancer.

One Hungarian physician named Alexander Ferenczi even used raw beetroot juice in 1950 to treat patients who already had undergone chemotherapy.

Health benefits beet juice #4: Fights inflammation

The betaine that is found in beets is very potent to help fight inflammation. It works by protecting cells, enzymes and proteins from environmental stress. It also helps to improve the function of your organs and other body tissues.

beet juice recipe
Regular juicing can increase your energy and decrease inflammation! Try to add some apples or other fruits to beets to make the juice more sweet.

Health benefits beet juice #5: Increases energy

Because of the healthy nitrates that beet juice contains, it increases your energy. One study found that drinking beet juice before exercising allowed the participants in the study to work out for 16% longer. This benefit is because the nitrates in the juice help increase nitric oxide. This in turns makes oxygen more available to your muscles.

So if you find yourself with low energy throughout the day, you might want to drink a glass of beet juice every to boost up your energy!

Health benefits beet juice #6: Can improve your sexual performance

The Romans already knew this. They used to eat raw beets whenever they wanted to improve their sexual performance. Luckily we can just drink the more tasty juice! Beets contain a mineral called boron which is linked to higher production of sex hormones. On top of that, the nitric oxide will increase blood flow and also help to start up your sex drive.

Sample recipe with beet juice

Since most people find the taste of raw beets too earthy, I want to give you a sample beet juice recipe. This is a great juice if you want to experience all the benefits of beet juice, but don’t like the taste of beets. Here it is:

  • 1 regular sized beet
  • A small cup of pineapple
  • 1 apple

Wash all the ingredients and put them in your juicer. The apple and pineapple also work great to help reduce inflammation. I recommend you make this juice 3 times per week if you want to see the benefits mentioned in this article. Of course you can drink it every day if you’d want to, but 3 times is enough to see all the benefits!


P.S. do you need a good juicer to make healthy beet juices? And did you know that if you own a Vitamix blender, you can turn it into a juicer with the help of a Vitamix filtration bag? Click here to find out everything you need to know how to turn your blender into a juicer!

Kitchenaid Immersion Blender: Small Hand Blender For All Your Recipes

kitchenaid immersion blenderWould you like to have a blender at home, but you don’t have a ton of space in your kitchen? Then the Kitchenaid immersion blender might just be the right blender for you. It’s a small hand blender that can be used to make all the smoothies, dishes and recipes you can make with regular blenders.

Especially for those who can’t fit a large blender in their kitchen. Or if you want an affordable quick and convenient hand blender, the Kitchenaid immersion blender is a great choice. In this article we will discuss everything you need to know about this nice little hand blender.

We’ll start off with quickly discussing the company that produces the blenders: Kitchenaid. After that I’ll tell you all the specifications you need to know about the blender. You’ll also learn the 2 types of people who can benefit the most from the Kitchenaid immersion blender. And we’ll end with the 5 biggest benefits that the blender ha to offer you.

So, curious what the Kitchenaid blender can do for you? Let’s find out!

About Kitchenaid

Kitchenaid was founded in 1919. their first blender was the iconic Stand Mixer. It brought on a revolution in the kitchen and soon they started to create more and more innovative kitchen solutions. Now, almost a 100 years later Kitchenaid has become of the bestselling companies of kitchen appliances.

Their mission is to help you create the perfect meals and recipes. And they do this by offering you all the tools you need in a good kitchen. From kitchen suites to counter-top appliances. If you love cooking, you’ll love Kitchenaid. They believe that cooking should be fun and entertaining at the same time as being healthy. So that’s why all of their kitchen products are designed with that in mind!

Kitchenaid immersion blender specifications

The most popular Kitchenaid immersion blender is the Silver Kitchenaid 3 speed hand blender. That’s why we’re discussing this great blender today. Here are all its specifications:

  • 8 inch blending arm – the 8 inch blending arm is large enough to blend all the dishes that you want.
  • 3 speeds – you can create the optimal density of your recipe with one of the 3 speeds.
  • Stainless steel S-shaped blade – the S-shaped design ensures that you can easily cut through any ingredient.
  • Comes with 2 jars – this blender comes with 2 easy to use jars (more on that later).
  • Dimensions – the blender is 5 x 5 x 15 inches and weighs 2 pounds.
  • Material – polycarbonate
  • Wattage – 85 watt.

Note: for more information and prices of the blender, please go to this page.

kitchenaid hand blender
Here is everything that is included with the Kitchenaid immersion blender: blender, 2 jars, 1 bag and a mixer.

Two types of people who’ll love the Kitchenaid immersion blender

  • People who don’t have space for a larger blender – if you have a small kitchen, then getting a hand blender is one of the best decisions you can do for your cooking. Hand blenders offer you all the benefits of a larger blender – without taking up a lot of valuable space in your kitchen.
  • People who want an easy and effective hand blender that quickly cuts through all ingredients – if you need a lot of chopping, cutting and blending in your cooking. And you want it to be done fast without putting your food in a large blender, then the Kitchenaid immersion blender is exactly what you need.

5 benefits of the Kitchenaid immersion blender

#1 Small convenient hand blender

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. the Kitchenaid Immersion blender is a small but very effective hand blender that can be used for many different types of things in the kitchen. You can easily, chop, blend, whisk, brush and crush even the toughest whole foods with this blender.

The S-shaped blade is designed in such a way that you won’t have to move the blender a lot if you want to create the perfect consistency of your food.

#2 Quickly make your favorite dishes

Instead of putting your food in a large blender, you can just take out the Kitchenaid hand blender and use it straight in the pan in which you were cooking. Or you can use it in smaller jars. Whatever you plan to make, you can make it fast and convenient with this blender.

kitchenaid blender
Create delicious and healthy smoothies with the Kitchenaid hand blender!

#3 Strong grip for better control

A common problem with other hand blenders is that they can be pretty tough to hold on to while b;lending. Other cheaper brands try to put as much wattage into the blender as possible. Without thinking too much about usability. The soft grip handle from the Kitchenaid blender offers you a non slippery and comfortable handle so that you can create all your recipes with the greatest ease.

#4 Available in 2, 3 or 5 speeds

If you want more (or less) different speeds you can also find that with this blender. The standard Kitchenaid immersion blender comes with 3 speeds. But if you feel like you want more control over the speed and consistency of your food, then you can decide for a 5 speed blender.

#5 Includes 2 BPA-free jars for blending

The Kitchenaid hand blender comes included with 2 easy to use BPA-free jars that you can use to create your own smoothies and sauces easily. The 2.5 cup jar comes with a lid and is great for chopping ingredients (and the lid prevents your entire kitchen from becoming messy.

The larger 3 cup jar is perfect for making smoothies and other drinkables. You can serve it right away or use it for storage. Both cups (and the blender) can be safely washed in your dishwasher.

Kitchenaid immersion blender review

“After moving we didn’t have as much space as we sued to in our old kitchen. I love to make morning smoothies especially in summer so I got myself the Kitchenaid hand blender. It’s been 4 weeks already and I love it even better than our old Vitamix that we had! Very easy to use and cuts even through nuts.”

– Jessica


“Good blender. Great for making sauces and chopping up vegetables. I’m a cook and use it all the time in the kitchen of my restaurant!”

– Daniel

Where to buy the Kitchenaid immersion blender?

If you too want to experience how easy cooking and blending can be with the Kitchenaid immersion blender…

then click here to get it on Amazon & jumpstart your cooking!

buy kitchenaid immersion blender

P.S. did you know the blender comes with a 1 year warranty? It’s the best warranty you’ll never have to use! You can find out more information about the warranty here.

The Best Blenders: Find Out Which Blender Suits Your Personality!

the best blendersLooking for the best blenders? Then look no further! On this page you can find the top 3 of the best blenders that are available at the moment!

I know that deciding which blender to take can be a tough decision. After all, there are so many different brands,models and types of blenders available. But, in order to make the decision less difficult for you. I’ve decided to make a list of different types of blender-users.

I’ll give you a quick description of each of these users. And then, later on this page, I’ll give you the best blenders for that type of user!

So, what this means is that all you have to do is check which type of blender-user you are. And then check which blender is great for you!

So, without delay, let’s dive into the best blenders and the 3 types of blender-users! 

The best blenders

As said in the introduction – there are so many blenders available nowadays that it’s tough to make a decision which blender to buy for your kitchen. However, we can make things a lot easier. Now, there are different types of people on the world. And this means that different types of people also use their blenders in a different way!

Two examples of people who use their blenders COMPLETELY different:

That’s easy to understand. Here’s a simple example. Let’s take a woman who has 3 kids, a loving husband and she likes to make ice-cold smoothies for her family on a warm summer day in July. For the rest of the years she only makes the occasional use of her blender to make a specific type of sauce that a recipe asks for.

She just needs a good blender that works well and gets the job done. It doesn’t have to be complicated. All she wants is that the blender is easy-to-use, fast to clean and makes good smoothies!

strawberrie smoothie
Strawberries are healthy and taste great if make a smoothie out of them!

Now, on the other hand, we have a girl who lives alone, works 60 hours per week, works out 5 times a week and values her health as one of the most important things in her life. Because she doesn’t have a lot of time, she drinks a health fruit juices with some protein powder every morning for breakfast.

In addition, if she knows that she’ll be having a long day at work, she prepares a healthy smoothie to take to work and help her get through the day.

Is she going to be satisfied with the same blender as the mom of 3 in the first example? Probably not.

She needs a the highest-quality blender she can get and also probably needs some pre-set functions so she can save time in the morning!

So, now that we’re clear that different people need different blenders – let’s find out which types of blender-users we have…

3 types of people who use blenders

  • People who want nothing but the best in terms of quality, speed, ease-of-use & functionality!
  • People who want a small but convenient blender that simply blends well
  • And of course, people who value blending-speed above all

Find out which blender suits your blending style

So, did you check which blender-user you are? If you haven’t done that yet – please re-read the previous descriptions! And if you have, please continue reading about the best blenders to find out which blender fits the best with your personality!

Do you want nothing but the best? The Vitamix Professional 750 is for you!

If you only care about the best in life, and you want a QUALITY blender, then I recommend you get the Vitamix Professional 750.

vitamix best blender
This is the Vitamix Professional 750. The best choice if you care about quality!

Not only is this a great blender that can blend virtually any ingredient at great speed, but its container is also made from BPA-free plastic.

And what’s more. This blender has 5 pre-set blend programs, so you can automate your blending! Have a couple of recipes that you like to make over and over again? Then the Vitamix 750 can help you save time!

When you get it now, you even get a 10-year warranty  on the blender!

the best blenders vitamix

Want a small blender that works well for a good price? Get the Bullet blender!

Now, if you’re not looking for a fantastic all-in-one blender that has tons of extra features, then the Bullet blender is the right choice for you.

bullet blender
The Bullet blender has a sleek bullet-form design!


If you just want a small blender, that can easily fit in your kitchen and is capable of making all your favorite recipes in an easy, quick manner – then the Bullet blender is what you need.

Its dimension are 13.2 x 6.9 x 10.6 inches and it weighs 4.7 pounds. This makes it the smallest blender out of the best blenders. but don’t mistake size for strength. The Bullet blender is perfectly capable of making tasty smoothies & healthy fruit juices!

You can find out more about this blender in my Bullet blender review!

buy the bullet blender


Always in a hurry and need your smoothie NOW? Then the Ninja blender is made for you!

If you’re always in a hurry and you want a blender that is fast, then the Ninja blender is the right blender for you. As you can guess from its name, this blender can make your smoothies within record times.

ninja blender
The Ninja blender has several different blades at different heights. That makes it one of the fastest blenders currently on the market!

You might not see it on the picture, but the Ninja blender has blades on different levels. Therefore it can blend your ingredients extra fast. It is equipped with several safety measures (the blender cannot work until the safety lid is pressed tightly on the container), so you don’t have to worry about its safety.

buy the ninja blender


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about the best blenders. If you haven’t yet found out what your blender personality is – then I highly recommend you do that!

And if you have any questions about one of these blenders, feel free to leave a comments in the comments section! I’d be glad to help you out with any issues you might have!



Photo credit: Didriks via Visual hunt /  CC BY

Vitamix Blender Reviews: Which Blender Is the Better Choice for Health?

vitamix 750 vs vitamix 7500Are you looking for the right blender to optimize your health? Then you should read these Vitamix blender reviews. Choosing a blender can be a complicated process.

That’s why I’ve decided to share with you all this information. So you don’t have to go on a long research journey yourself. Feel free to read any other resources on this website. But if you’re looking for healthy Vitamix blender reviews – I highly recommend you read this page!


Vitamix blender reviews

When choosing a blender it’s very important that you know exactly what the blender has to offer you. Especially when you’re looking to buy one for your health. Not only do most blenders have some obvious flaws (I’ll show you soon what that is…), but some of them don’t even work correctly for more than 1-2 years. We’ve all had the experience of buying a blender for a reasonable price – only to find out that the quality is not as good as expected.

And that’s why I wrote these Vitamix blender reviews – so you know exactly which blenders are high quality and which aren’t!

So, without further ado, let’s get started with our reviews!

Vitamix 750

The Vitamix 750 is one of the latest models that is geared towards one smooth blending experience. As you’ll see, there are several features of this blender, that makes it absolutely one of the best in its class.

vitamix 750 reviews
Professional kitchens all over the world use the Vitamix 750 to make healthy recipes for their guests!

Not only that, there’s also a reason why a lot of restaurants and hotels over the whole world use this blender in their kitchens! So, let’s find out why that is:

BPA-free container!

The first thing that stands out in the Vitamix 750, is their BPA-free container. Now, you might have heard about BPA before. In a nutshell: BPA is commonly found in plastics. And it mimics the female hormone estrogen.

So when you drink a liquid that was in a plastic container, you also ingest a dose of BPA (yes, even while drinking water!). Now research is clear on this: BPA is a bad thing to have in your body, Not only for men (obvious), who don’t want female hormones in their body, but also for women. For women it’s very important to avoid BPA so as not to disrupt their own hormonal balance.

Before, the containers from Vitamix used to be made from BPA plastic. But in this model, they decided to act on this health danger. That’s why their container is made from BPA-free plastic! This means that you can drink you vegetable juices and fruit juices without having to worry!

Automated blending

Another reason why professional kitchen love the Vitamix 750 so much is because you can automate your blending. If there are several recipes that you often make (think of breakfast juices or a certain dinner sauce), then you probably know that to make each of these, your blender has to be in a different mode.

Making the recipes requires the blender to:

  • run at a different speed
  • and at a certain time-frame

Now this means that you cannot just turn your blender on and leave it do its magic. No, you have to carefully watch. You have to pick the right speed. And when the blender is done, you should turn it off (so that your healthy creation keeps its perfect consistency).

But with the Vitamix 750, there are up to 5 pre-set programs! This means that you can simply put in all the ingredients, press the right pre-set program, and watch the blender do its magic!

You can imagine this being very appreciated in professional restaurants, where the chefs often have to make the same blend many times per day (or evening). But this can also be a great time-saver in your own kitchen!

If you’re in a hurry in the mornings, you can use these features to make a delicious smoothie, while you prepare a healthy breakfast for your family! See how it works? 🙂

lemon coffee
Try adding lemon to your morning smoothie instead of drinking coffee. Feel the energy!


Another thing that pops out when using the Vitamix pro, is that it can clean itself! Yes, you read that correctly. No more problems with dishwashers (although you can do that too), or cleaning the blender with your hands.

All you have to do to clean your blender completely is the following:

  1. Make sure your blender is empty
  2. Add hot water and a little bit of dish-washing soap
  3. Run the blender at full speed for 30-60 seconds
  4. Watch as the blender cleans itself
  5. Your Vitamix 750 is now ready to go again!

As you can see, the Vitamix 750 has a lot to offer in terms of functionality. Not only is it a great kitchen help to have if you’ve often in a hurry. It’s also great for making healthy smoothies and juices very fast! Click the button below to see for how much you can get the Vitamix 750:

buy vitamix 750


Vitamix 7500

The next in our Vitamix blender reviews is the Vitamix 7500. This blender can be seen as the little brother of the Vitamix 750. In a short second I’ll explain you why, but for now it’s good to know that this is still a high-quality blender. Just because it has slightly fewer features than the previous ones, it doesn’t mean that it’s worse.

vitamix 7500 reviews
The Vitamix 7500 is great for beginner Vitamix users!

Arguably, for beginner Vitamix users – this blender could be better. But let’s find out why:

2.2 Horsepower motor

The Vitamix 7500 is built with a 2.2. horsepower motor. This motor might be slightly less strong than the commercial grade motor in the 750, but it still works very effectively. So far, I haven’t seen a single whole foods ingredients that this motor (in combination with the razor-sharp blades) couldn’t completely cut.

Self cleaning + BPA-free

Another thing that should be noted is that this blender is (just like the 750) BPA-free and can clean itself. Yes, that’s correct. All the benefits that you read in the previous Vitamix blender reviews, are also installed on this blender. Feel free to read back if you want a quick update on what these 2 features exactly add to your Vitamix experience!

self cleaning blender
No more hassle with cleaning after you drink this delicious smoothie!

Where the Vitamix 7500 differs from the Vitamix 750

Now that you’ve read these Vitamix blender reviews, you’re probably curious what the main difference is between the Vitamix 7500 and the Vitamix 750. Now, it’s actually pretty easy:

“The Vitamix 7500 is more suitable for commercial kitchens (due to the extra functions), whereas the Vitamix 750 is more at its place in a regular kitchen family.”

If you have any questions about these Vitamix blender reviews, feel free to leave a comment. And if you’re curious where to find the best deals for these two Vitamix blenders….


… then click here to get great deals for the professional Vitamix 750 blender!


… here if you want to get check out the family blender Vitamix 7500!



P.S. Vitamix blenders are  top choice of thousands of people all around the world. Check out the Vitamix 750 and the Vitamix 7500 on Amazon!