the best blendersLooking for the best blenders? Then look no further! On this page you can find the top 3 of the best blenders that are available at the moment!

I know that deciding which blender to take can be a tough decision. After all, there are so many different brands,models and types of blenders available. But, in order to make the decision less difficult for you. I’ve decided to make a list of different types of blender-users.

I’ll give you a quick description of each of these users. And then, later on this page, I’ll give you the best blenders for that type of user!

So, what this means is that all you have to do is check which type of blender-user you are. And then check which blender is great for you!

So, without delay, let’s dive into the best blenders and the 3 types of blender-users! 

The best blenders

As said in the introduction – there are so many blenders available nowadays that it’s tough to make a decision which blender to buy for your kitchen. However, we can make things a lot easier. Now, there are different types of people on the world. And this means that different types of people also use their blenders in a different way!

Two examples of people who use their blenders COMPLETELY different:

That’s easy to understand. Here’s a simple example. Let’s take a woman who has 3 kids, a loving husband and she likes to make ice-cold smoothies for her family on a warm summer day in July. For the rest of the years she only makes the occasional use of her blender to make a specific type of sauce that a recipe asks for.

She just needs a good blender that works well and gets the job done. It doesn’t have to be complicated. All she wants is that the blender is easy-to-use, fast to clean and makes good smoothies!

strawberrie smoothie
Strawberries are healthy and taste great if make a smoothie out of them!

Now, on the other hand, we have a girl who lives alone, works 60 hours per week, works out 5 times a week and values her health as one of the most important things in her life. Because she doesn’t have a lot of time, she drinks a health fruit juices with some protein powder every morning for breakfast.

In addition, if she knows that she’ll be having a long day at work, she prepares a healthy smoothie to take to work and help her get through the day.

Is she going to be satisfied with the same blender as the mom of 3 in the first example? Probably not.

She needs a the highest-quality blender she can get and also probably needs some pre-set functions so she can save time in the morning!

So, now that we’re clear that different people need different blenders – let’s find out which types of blender-users we have…

3 types of people who use blenders

  • People who want nothing but the best in terms of quality, speed, ease-of-use & functionality!
  • People who want a small but convenient blender that simply blends well
  • And of course, people who value blending-speed above all

Find out which blender suits your blending style

So, did you check which blender-user you are? If you haven’t done that yet – please re-read the previous descriptions! And if you have, please continue reading about the best blenders to find out which blender fits the best with your personality!

Do you want nothing but the best? The Vitamix Professional 750 is for you!

If you only care about the best in life, and you want a QUALITY blender, then I recommend you get the Vitamix Professional 750.

vitamix best blender
This is the Vitamix Professional 750. The best choice if you care about quality!

Not only is this a great blender that can blend virtually any ingredient at great speed, but its container is also made from BPA-free plastic.

And what’s more. This blender has 5 pre-set blend programs, so you can automate your blending! Have a couple of recipes that you like to make over and over again? Then the Vitamix 750 can help you save time!

When you get it now, you even get a 10-year warranty  on the blender!

the best blenders vitamix

Want a small blender that works well for a good price? Get the Bullet blender!

Now, if you’re not looking for a fantastic all-in-one blender that has tons of extra features, then the Bullet blender is the right choice for you.

bullet blender
The Bullet blender has a sleek bullet-form design!


If you just want a small blender, that can easily fit in your kitchen and is capable of making all your favorite recipes in an easy, quick manner – then the Bullet blender is what you need.

Its dimension are 13.2 x 6.9 x 10.6 inches and it weighs 4.7 pounds. This makes it the smallest blender out of the best blenders. but don’t mistake size for strength. The Bullet blender is perfectly capable of making tasty smoothies & healthy fruit juices!

You can find out more about this blender in my Bullet blender review!

buy the bullet blender


Always in a hurry and need your smoothie NOW? Then the Ninja blender is made for you!

If you’re always in a hurry and you want a blender that is fast, then the Ninja blender is the right blender for you. As you can guess from its name, this blender can make your smoothies within record times.

ninja blender
The Ninja blender has several different blades at different heights. That makes it one of the fastest blenders currently on the market!

You might not see it on the picture, but the Ninja blender has blades on different levels. Therefore it can blend your ingredients extra fast. It is equipped with several safety measures (the blender cannot work until the safety lid is pressed tightly on the container), so you don’t have to worry about its safety.

buy the ninja blender


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about the best blenders. If you haven’t yet found out what your blender personality is – then I highly recommend you do that!

And if you have any questions about one of these blenders, feel free to leave a comments in the comments section! I’d be glad to help you out with any issues you might have!



Photo credit: Didriks via Visual hunt /  CC BY

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