the ninja blenderIf you’re looking to buy a good high quality blender for your family kitchen, then chances are high that you’ve heard about the Ninja blender! Not only does its catchy name stay with you, but you’re probably also curious what this blender has to offer?

  • ”Is it a good blender?”
  • ”Why is it called the Ninja blender?”
  • ”Is it a good option if you care about healthy smoothie & juice recipes?”
  • ”Is it worth its price tag?”
  • ”’And where is the best place to buy the Ninja blender?”

If you’re curious about the answers to these questions (you should when you’re planning on buying the Ninja blender!), then I highly recommend your read this complete review!

What is the Ninja blender?

The Ninja blender is a high-quality blender that is very popular over the whole world. There are a slew of benefits to this blender that are difficult to get with any other blender. To start, we have its intriguing design: Instead of having one set of blades at the bottom of the container – it has several that are located at different height. This allows the Ninja blender to blend at amazingly high speeds!

Why is it called like that?

So, you’re probably curious why it’s called the Ninja blender. I gave you a little hint in the previous paragraph. The reason why this blender is called like that is because it blends with such high speeds – it’s almost as if a Ninja cuts your ingredients in the blender!

Now, this might sound a bit corny, but the design of this blender (several blades), does make it very effective. I would say, it even rivals the Vitamix blenders in efficiency!

So if, let’s say you’re working in a professional kitchen (restaurant, hotel or bar), then the speed at which you can make smoothies and healthy fruit juices is of course very important. That’s why if you’re working in any of these places, the Ninja blender can be of great help.

I know from experience that it can be very busy in the kitchen and at the bar from virtually every restaurant. And that’s when you need efficiency. And that’s exactly what the Ninja blender gives you! So, let’s find out what other benefits this top-rated blender has to offer you…

Ninja blender
If making delicious smoothies is for you – the Ninja blender offers an amazing quality for a low price.

Benefits of the Ninja blender:

Make smoothies within 5 seconds!

As we discussed before, this blender can make smoothies at really high speeds. Because of its unique blade placement system, you’ll find that it can blend almost everything within a couple of seconds. And what’s more, the blades are easily removable – so cleaning also can be done very fast.

Together with the 1000 watt cutting power from the blades, the Ninja blender can literally pulverize any combination of ingredients within seconds!

Each part from the container can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. So, if you’re using the Ninja blender a lot – I recommend you do this once a week (depending on your schedule).

BPA-free container

If you’ve read any health-related site in the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard about BPA. BPA can be found in virtually all plastics. It mimics the function of the female hormone, estrogen, in the body.

This is bad news for both men and women! If you’re a man, than you obviously don’t want to ingest female hormones. And if you’re a woman, then you don’t want to disrupt your natural hormonal balance by drinking from BPA plastics…

So, the guys behind Ninja blenders decided that they would no longer have this health threat in their blenders. That’s when they decided to make all their Ninja blender containers BPA-free! That means that you no longer have to worry when you make a delicious smoothie in your Ninja blender!

blender ninja review
The container from the Ninja blender is BPA-free!


Extremely safe: blades can only rotate if the lid is FULLY secured

Another question that many people seem to have is whether the Ninja blender is safe. Now, this is fully understandable, since the blades are close to the lid. It’s easy to touch them with your hands.

Now, the thing that have to know about this is this: the Ninja blender can only work when the lid is FULLY closed. What do I mean by this? Well, the answer is simple:

It’s a very safe blender, since it is literally impossible to be anywhere near the blades when they’re working.

So, don’t worry about it. The Ninja blender is one of the safest options available on the market.

Final verdict on the Ninja blender: Amazing blender for a great price

Now that you’ve read everything the Ninja blender has to offer you, chances are high that you want to know for what price you can buy the blender. Well, I’ve got good news for you!

Click here to check the price of the Ninja Blender on Amazon.

”Ninja blenders are literally offer you one of the highest quality-to-price blenders that you can get!”

buy ninja blender
Thousands of people are using this blender all over the world to make healthy smoothies and delicious fruit juices!

What is the best place to get the Ninja blender?

So, where can you get one of these amazing blenders? I’ve looked around on pretty much sites and I’ve found that one of the best places to get the Ninja blender is at

They’re known for their fast shipping, good customer care and high quality services.

So, if you’re thinking of buying an amazing quality blender for a great price…

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P.S. Did you know that when you order the Ninja blender, you also get a free recipe book, chock full of delicious & healthy recipes that you can try out right away with your Ninja blender? Buy through Amazon to get this free recipe book!

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