vitamix 5000 reviewVitamix has been making blenders for more than 90 years already. And during this time they have made many happy customers very happy with one of their blenders. Not only do they allow you to make amazing smoothies, the Vitamix blenders are also made out of high quality materials. This means that it’s almost impossible to break them. And that’s the exact story of the Vitamix 5000…

This blender was first introduced before the year 2000 (almost 20 years ago!). And even though Vitamix has stopped producing this line of blender to make place for newer generation models – you can still get it through one of the few re-sellers. If you’re looking to buy a Vitamix 5000, I’ll explain at the end of this page what the best place is to buy it!

But if you’d like to get quick update on why this blender works great for making smoothies. It is – in my opinion – a very useful blender to have in your kitchen. Continue reading if you want to know all the details about the Vitamix 5000!

What is the Vitamix 5000?

As said in the introduction of this post, this is an older generation Vitamix blender. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth getting (if you can find it). If you look around on the internet you can find dozens of success stories of people using the Vitamix 5000 ten, twelve, or sometimes even 17 years after they bought it!

vitamix 5000 parts
The Vitamix 5000 might be an older model, it still works as if it was released yesterday!

That is an amazing achievement of a blender. Especially when you consider that most blenders tend to give up after 1-2 years. And that’s exactly why I love Vitamix blenders so much. They really are about quality!

But you’re here for the Vitamix 5000. So let’s dive right into the special features that you’ll get when you choose this blender:

Features of the Vitamix 5000

Razor-sharp blades

The main thing that makes a blender a good blender are how sharp the blades are. As you can imagine, the sharper the blades are, the faster and easier you can make your smoothies. An added bonus with this blender is that you can even use it to cut through little seeds.

I notice sometimes with cheaper blender, that they do not completely cut through the seeds. And then when you drink the smoothie or juice, all the little seeds get stuck between your teeth.

With the razor-sharp blades from the Vitamix blenders this problem lies in the past! You’ll find that the sharp blades combined with the great speed completely pulverize everything you put in the blender!

If you love smoothies without seeds you’ll also love the Vitamix 5000!

Make your own flour and dough!

Just as there will be absolutely no seeds in the smoothie, you can use the blender to create your own flour and dough. You can then use it to bake your own bread or pastries.

The process is pretty straightforward. just as with any other ingredients, you put the seeds from the whole grains into the blender. You can then blend them to get flour! Add some water to the mix and you have your own dough.

If you’ve never made your own bread before, then this a complete new experience. I highly recommend you give it a try. Your own home-made bread tastes so much better than bread you buy in the store!

Chopping without liquid

As you know, most smoothies that you make require you to add water to the blender before you start blending. This has to be done, because otherwise the blender will start running at full-speed in the air. And when your blender doesn’t have any resistance against the blades this can be damaging for the motor.

But not with the Vitamix 5000! If you add enough ingredients (be sure to take watery fruits, such as grapes, berries, oranges and apples), you don’t have to add water to the blender.

This is great if you love undiluted fruit smoothies and juices!

Why the Vitamix 5000 is difficult to find

Now, as you might remember from the introduction – the Vitamix 5000 is pretty tough to find on the internet. Not only has Vitamix itself stopped producing the blender, other sellers also have switched to selling newer blenders.

This really is a shame,since the Vitamix 5000 was one of the best blenders from the early 2000 era. And on top of that, many people might have used the blender when they were younger, and they might want to have this blender just for nostalgic purposes.

Whatever your reason is for wanting a classic Vitamix 5000, it’s a great idea to see if you can find one. In fact, I’ve done my due research and searched through a lot of sites to see where I can find a good re-seller that still has quality Vitamix 5000s. And I found one. Continue reading to find out what the best place is to get a classic 5000!

vitamix 5000 buy
The Vitamix 5000 is a great choice if you want to make delicious smoothies!

Where to get the Vitamix 5000

If you want to get yourself a Vitamix 5000, then I recommend you get them through Amazon. Why Amazon? Well, the answer is simple. Not only do many of you already have accounts on Amazon (saves you time and money), but they also have a very strong process in allowing re-sellers to sell through their site.


If you want to get yourself a good blender for a great price, you can buy the Vitamix 5000 here!



P.S.  The VItamix 5000 is a great blender if you’re looking for an older model that is still relevant. It might be hard to find in normal stores, but you can still buy one on Amazon!

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