vitamix reviewsAre you looking Vitamix reviews? If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re looking to get yourself a Vitamix blender. And, as you might know, there are many models available. So which blender should you choose?

Well, this is a common problem for many people. And that’s why I’ve decided to write this short and concise page. In which you can find Vitamix reviews. As time goes by, I’ll be adding more reviews to this page. But for now you can find everything you need to know about the following Vitamix models:

  • Vitamix 750
  • Vitamix 7500

To keep things simple for you, I’ll just name the Vitamix model – and then give you the main pros about the model. After all, if you’re here on this page, then you probably already know that you want a Vitamix!

Vitamix reviews: criteria used

  • Ease of use – how easy is it to use the Vitamix if you’re not an experience Vita-pro
  • How does it blend – how well does it do what it’s made for: blending?
  • Container – how big is the standard container and other specifications

So, without further ado. Let’s get started with the Vitamix reviews!

Vitamix reviews: 750

The Vitamix 750 is one of the latest powerhouses from Vitamix. Not only does this blender boast 2.2. horsepower that allows you to cut through any ingredients… but it is also very easy to use:

Ease of use – 8

The Vitamix 750 is very easy  to use. That’s because it was made to offer you a smooth experience for blending. After all, most eople who own a blender do not need many different options. Sure they’re included. But this blender is very well suited for people who have never owned a Vitamix before.

Just be sure to get a feeling for the blender before you start playing with its pre-set blending schedules. Now, these aren’t too difficult to understand. but it’s important to know that these are basically just combinations between time and rotation speed. But be sure to read the manualfor a quick glance how the pre-set schedules work before yous tart using them.

Other than that: the blender is very easy to use. You can use the rotator to set the speed right. And of course there also is a pulse button for when you need to make something with a mroe rough texture (like a vegetable soup for instance).

How does it blend -9

As I said before, the Vitamix 750 is powerhouse when it comes to blending. It will literally allow you to take any whole food and blend it. You might remember from previous blender that they sometimes had trouble with very hard vegetables (I’m thinking of raw beets now).

This is no longer a problem with the Vitamix. So far, I have not found anything (food related), that it cannot blend! The Vitamix 750 is highly recommend if you want a blender with power.

Container -9

One of the first things I noticed with this blender was that it’s a self-cleaning blender. And it works great! No more hand washing the container of this blender to clean it.

Another that is rgeat is that 64 ounce container is a low profile container. If you’re like me and have your kitchen well-organised, it can sometimes be tough to store blender containers (since they tend to be so high). This is no problem with the Vitamix 750 container.

The last thing I want to tell you that this container is also BPA-free. You’re probably familiar with BPA, so I’ll spare you the long details. BPA can act as a female hormone in the body. That’s why it’s very good to avoid it (also if you’re a female – so you won’t disturb your natural hormone balance).

I really enjoy this blender and therefore give it a 8.7 total verdict. A great blender if you’re new to Vitamix – but you want everything they have to offer. The container is also a very easy to use and you don’t have to clean it!


Vitamix reviews: 7500

The Vitamix 7500 is like the little brother of the Vitamix 750. What this means is that it has the same power. But the way you use it is different. It’s like a slightly toned-down model, and therefore the price is less. But, let’s find out if the Vitamix 7500 is a good model for you.

buy vitamix 7500

Ease of use – 8

Just like the Vitamix 750, the 7500 is also very easy to use. the main thing that’s different is that this blender does not have all the special extra’s (like the pre-set schedules and settings). However, I feel this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. As it allows you to focus on everything that makes the blender a good blender.

What do I mean by this? Well, the answer is simple.

Instead of confusing you with a ton of different options, the Vitamix 7500 allows you to easily without any hassle get a good feeling for how your blender works. After all, there are basically just 3 buttons:

  • Speed – you can use 10 different speeds to cut the blender. Great if you want complete control over the consistency of your smoothie!
  • On/off –  turns your Vitamix 750 on or off.
  • Pulse – ever wanted to quickly cut the lower vegetables or fruits in your smoothie to make the consistency better? You can do that with the pulse button!

How does it blend – 9

This blender is also equipped with a 2.2 horsepower motor. That means that it allows you to cut thorugh almost everything you want. With this blender you will not experience any problems. That’s because this blender was made to do one thing: blend.

As I said before. This blender comes without a lot of the extra features that usually do nothing more than confuse you. That’s why it really is a great blender if you want to just use it casually in the kitchen to make delicious smoothies and juices!

Container – 8

The container is also low-profile, so you can store it in any kitchen cabinet. It’s also 64 ounces – so if you have a big family, then you can use all the volume that you’ll get with the Vitamix 7500!

A great blender if you prefer simplicity. It basically does the same as the Vitamix 750, only with less options. It get’s an 8 in the test. Lower than the Vitamix 750. However, that makes the blender a great choice if you just want to use it to make your own smoothies and juices. Great choice for beginner Vitamix users!




P.S. the main difference between the Vitamix 750 and the Vitamix 7500 are the pre-set functions. They both offer the same strength and blending powers. The Vitamix 750 is more geared towards experienced users. And the Vitamix 7500 is great for beginners!

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