what is a blender bottle“What is a blender bottle?” You’ve probably seen them around. Maybe people at the gym are bringing them for their protein shakes. Or your colleagues at work take the blender bottles with their homemade smoothies or juices. At first it looks like a regular bottle for liquids. But there is more to this special bottle then you would first expect.

And that is exactly why today we’re going to talk about the blender bottle. What is the blender bottle and what are the specific benefits that you’ll get with this bottle compared to other types.

What is a blender bottle?

Let’s start off with the most important question. What is a blender bottle? It’s actually a very simple product. You see, it’s a like any other bottle that you can use to bring (sport) drinks to the gym or work. There are only a couple of small differences and 1 big difference.

What is the big one? Simple. The blender bottle contains a BlenderBall inside. It’s a ball made from 316 stainless steel. And this ball can be used for mixing. How does it work? Let’s use the sample of protein powder. In a normal bottle you put the water first (or the protein powder – depending on your preferences). Then you put in a spoon and start voraciously mixing everything together. Now, most of the time only half of the protein powder dissolves. And you’re stuck drinking some big clunks of powder.

But not with the blender bottle. You see, when you put in the protein powder and water you can shake the bottle. And when you shake it the Blenderball will start to mix all the powder and water. And if hasn’t mixed well enough? Then just shake again. No need to open up your bottle and poke in it with a knife or fork.

blender bottle review
What is a blender bottle? It’s a bottle that will automatically blend your drink (or protein powder) when you shake it.

5 benefits of the blender bottle

#1`Easy mix your protein shakes

This is the most obvious benefit of the blender bottle. And the entire reason why people buy it. We’ve discussed it before in the “What is a blender bottle” paragraph but it bears repeating. The bottle is great for everyone who goes to the gym and likes to take his protein drink with him.

Or if you like to make pancakes and want an easy way to mix everything. You can also use it to make sure the healthy smoothie you made at home will stay perfectly mixed when you take it with you. The possibilities are endless!

#2 Take it with you and mix on the go

Want to save time? Use the blender bottle! Instead of mixing your protein powder before going. Just add a scoop of powder to the bottle and go. You won’t even have to add water. As you can do that easily at the gym. So you won’t even have to carry the 20, 28 or 32 ounces of water with you.

You can just add water wherever you’re going to drink your protein powder. And you can mix it on the go! Drinking and making protein shakes has never been easier!

#3 BPA free

Have you heard about BPA? It’s a compound that is found in plastics. And not the good type of compound. Unfortunately BPA mimics the function of estrogen in our bodies. And that’s not a good thing. Even if you’re a woman BPA can ruin the natural balance of your hormones.

And for men it can be even worse. BPA mimics estrogen and can lower testosterone. If you’re serious about getting in shape, whether you’re a guy or a girl, you’d do best to avoid anything with BPA.

Luckily the blender bottle is made from BPA free plastic. So you can safely drink from this bottle knowing that you’re not damaging your hormonal system in your body.

#4 Dishwasher safe

Another benefit is that the bottle is dishwasher safe. So you won’t have to worry about cleaning it. Especially with some protein powder that can stick to your bottle. It sometimes makes cleaning it by hand a real chore. Luckily the blender bottle can be used in the dishwasher so you won’t need to clean it yourself!

blenderbottle reviews
The Blenderbottle is available in many different colors!

#5 Easy to drink from

What good is a drink bottle if you can’t easily drink from it? It’s a problem many so called modern ‘high tech’ drinking bottles have. They look good, but it’s a real chore trying to drink from it. But not the blender bottle.

With its easy-to-drink-from design and the flip cap it’s very easy to drink from this bottle. And this is great if you’re just in a tough work out and you don’t want your protein drink to spill all over you!

Two types of people who’ll love to use the blender bottle

  • People who want to save time in the morning – if you’re always looking for ways to save extra time in the mornings (or whenever you go to the gym), the blender bottle is for you. You can just scoop in the protein powder, add some water and mix everything on the way. You’ll save at least a couple of minutes blending everything yourself!
  • People who want a bottle that they can easily drink from – the blender bottle is a bottle that you can very easily drink from. It’s made in such a way that you won’t have to worry about your drink spilling and it fits well in your mouth. You can take sips without any problems whatsoever – even if you’re exercising!

Where to get the blender bottle?

Want to experience all the amazing benefits of the blender bottle and make your gym life easier? Save time in the mornings when you get ready for your workout? Or you just like to mix your protein powder on the go and don’t get large clunks of it in your drinks?

If you said yes to any of the previous questions…

…then click here to get the blender bottle on Amazon & start making your gym life easier!

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P.S. did I mention that the bottle is available in 2 sizes? Get it in 20, or 28 ounces. Click here to see which size fits you!

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